House of Vans Detroit

By Derrick Dykas

Since Community Push took over The Wig in 2014, we’ve had a colorful cast of neighbors come in and out of our lives. Surrounded by two schools, two homeless shelters, a hardware store and bar, you never know who is going to accompany you on the session.

Our neighbors are a small part of what makes The Wig great. When we started building, the school children cheered us on, the homeless pitched in to help, the hardware store had the supplies we didn’t, and the bar was there to help take the edge off. Late last year when we found out that Vans wanted to bring a House of Vans pop-up to the neighborhood, of course we welcomed them with open arms.

Anybody that has had a chance to join us at The Wig for past events may be familiar with The Puddle Club- a canopy tent armed with a grill, a mountain of skateboards, a few loose backpacks, camera bags, a Bluetooth speaker and a fold up table with one or two shirts for sale. With our invitation to the House of Vans “Community Market” on the horizon, it was our chance to step our merchandising game up and do something a little different for a change.

For past events, our dedicated team of volunteers have gotten used to shouldering the entire load of construction and production, so it was great to not have to worry about that stuff. We just a little work to handle but otherwise we got to enjoy the weekend like everyone else.

Vans came correct and provided Detroit with one of its most unforgettable weekends. From top to bottom, front to back, side to side, House of Vans showcased worldwide talents, local talents and everything in between. Good neighbors are what hold good neighborhoods together, and we were lucky to welcome House of Vans as our neighbors, even if it was only for one magic weekend.

Featuring a gang of

Filmed by: Francois Decomble, Zack Hootman and Adam Mueller