Samou – Cinquieme Terrasse

As summer 2018 comes to an end, we’re sad to realize that the cold is on it’s way back. Days are going to get shorter, skate sessions will become less of a priority and we’ll all end up watching our summer footage with nostalgia.

In June we took a trip to Athens, Greece as we were all curious about the city and we came back with Samou, a 16mm film project. More than a video about skating another city, this project is about the vibe we felt during the trip. After all, the point of these holidays is to enjoy the good times skating with your friends. Considering the amount of marble (or otherwise) spots you’ll find in the city, the relaxed police and the price of pita sandwiches, I can only recommend one thing: take a break and go skate Athens before it’s too late. You won’t regret it.

Featuring: Morgan Katomba, Macéo Moreau, Lilian Ceccon, Florian Debray, Theo Lapalud, Lilian Fev, Elliot Bonnabel, Thomas Gouillon, Arthur Couvat, Valentin Bauer and Nicolas Gisonno

Film: Arthur Couvat + Thomas Gouillon

Words+Cover Photo: Florian DeBray