Some of our pals in the UK just dropped their latest film, 'Teddie' film in London, Marseille, Zaragoza, Pula and Melbourne. By the looks of things, leaving their crusty, home turf of London doesn't necessarily mean they're on the hunt for spots that are any smoother.

Featuring Tom Delion, Jack Soden, Sebastian Lemus and Darwin, alongside Greg Conroy, Max Critchlow, George Booth Cole, Chris Garcia, Lewis Bell, Graham Davies, Harry Turner, CJ Sewell Gayle, Jorge de Torres, Sam Earl, Mikey Prentice, Joe Coward, Elliott Wright, Chris Mann, Tommy May, Glen Fox, Ryan Cunningham, Luka Pinto, Louis Woodhead, Myles Shankie, Sam Bunton and Will Stradling.

Filmed and edited by George Toland

Additional filming by Chris Williams, Remi Luciani and

Super 8mm footage by Tom Delion

Artwork by Greg Conroy

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