11 Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating & Tricks

Any skateboard will just be a block of wood or plastic if you don’t find the right wheels for it.

This makes them the most important part of any skateboard that gives the right start to any new learner or great moves to a professional.


There is a great variety of skateboard wheels with different shapes, durability, sizes, hardness, and even color that will perfectly match your skating style as well as style preferences.

So, here we are with the reviews for some great skateboard wheels, along with a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best.

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Quick Comparion: 11 Best Skateboard Wheels

#1. Shark Wheel California Rolls Skateboard

#1. Shark Wheel California Rolls Skateboard

#2. Spitfire Bighead 52mm for Skateboard

#2. Spitfire Bighead 52mm for Skateboard

#3. Powell-Peralta Rat Bones

#3. Powell-Peralta Rat Bones

#4. Skateboard Wheels with ABEC 7 Bearings

#4. Skateboard Wheels with ABEC 7 Bearings

#5. FREEDARE Wheels 60mm 83a with Bearings

#5. FREEDARE Wheels 60mm 83a with Bearings

#6. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a for Skateboard

#6. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a for Skateboard

#7. Ricta Clouds (Set of 4)

#7. Ricta Clouds (Set of 4)

#8. choice Skateboard 99a Wheels

#8. choice Skateboard 99a Wheels

#9. Bones Wheels Rough Riders 59mm Red

#9. Bones Wheels Rough Riders 59mm Red

#10. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Longboard

#10. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Longboard

#11. Spitfire Classic Series 54mm High Performance

#11. Spitfire Classic Series 54mm High Performance

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Reviews For The 11 Best Wheels For Street Skating & Tricks

We did careful research of all the products available on the market and came up with this list of 11 handpicked.

Have a look at them:

#1. Shark Wheel 60mm 78a Skateboard Wheels California Roll

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This product by Shark Wheel is truly the reinvention for the amazing features that they have got.

All those things that trouble any skate wheel like water, debris, etc.

fail to impact the performance of these wheels as they have got outstanding maneuverability.

They have got a superior grip due to the three lateral lips on them.

They easily break away to allow smooth sliding and also recover fast.

The wavy pattern in the wheels decreases the friction by allowing a bit of ground touch, thereby the rider can attain speed quickly.

This is made possible by the alternative pattern in the grooves that drastically decrease hydroplaning and quickly push aside the hurdles to let the wheel roll hassle-free over the surface.

The firm contact with the ground results in amazing traction over any kind of terrain.


  • 60 mm diameter and 78A durometer
  • Reinvented design that facilitates exceptional maneuverability
  • Improved and constant grip over the surface allows the best traction
  • Can easily groove over any type of terrain and surface
  • Decreased friction helps faster speed
  • Lesser rolling resistance reduces the need for hydroplaning


  • Bearings are absent
  • Good mostly for a penny board only

#2. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

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This product falls in the category of the hard wheels that can be considered on hardness for street.

They have a 99A durometer that makes them ideal for all-round purposes.

Attaching them to your board is going to let you roll easily around the streets, ramps, skate parks, pools, and many other surfaces where some debris or cracks might occur.

The wheels will give you a fast ride as well as some real power sliding tricks.

The traction that these wheels maintain isn’t that easy to break off and won’t let you slip on smooth surfaces.

Flatspots on these wheels are an impossible scene and they live up to their name when it comes to a safe and smooth ride for beginners trying their tricks on skateboards.


  • Good for beginners
  • 99A durometer great for smooth surfaces
  • Advanced and strong traction over any surface
  • Best for streets, skate parks, and similar areas
  • Available in a lot of sizes to fit any board


  • Brittle wheels
  • Not meant for heavy terrains

#3. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

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These are another gem on our list as they roll with grace over smooth surfaces.

The power they can give to your ride is immense.

You will have a speed boosted ride once you attach them to your board.

They belong to the hardness category of 85A and are 60mm in diameter.

The wheels claim to work great for all varieties of skateboards as they have got a grippy surface.

The classic natural formula of these wheels has been kept intact by the manufacturer ever since the first version of this model was launched.

These are super light in weight and roll real fast even on rough surfaces.

They are available in two standard colors, black and white, that can make them a classic addition to any trendy boards.


  • The classic design of the original Roller bone
  • Minimal re-engineering of the wheels to maintain the strength
  • Great for skateboarding over rough surfaces
  • Super grip for tricks and cruising, hilly rides, longboarding, etc.
  • Natural formula and very lightweight


  • Too small for some boards
  • Not good for certain tricks

#4. TGM Skateboard Wheels

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This product by TGM has made it to our listing of best skateboard wheels for street skating due to their advanced features.

These wheels come along with the popular ABEC 7 bearings that are an essential part of the wheel system as they help the wheel to roll real smooth over any surface.

They also come with the amazing speed spacers that complement the bearings by increasing their life and speed.

The wide range of sizes available in this product allows you to choose the ideal sized wheels for your board so that you can safely skate around.

The size depends upon the rolling length you want.

They are also available in two types of hardness, 99A and 92A; where the first one is good for smooth rides, the latter is apt for beginners learning on rough terrains.


  • Includes ABEC 7 bearings that promote smooth rolling
  • Bearing spacers boost the bearing life and wheel speed
  • 9 different sizes and a huge color range available
  • The 99A version is good for smooth surface skaters
  • The 92A Gel version is great for new learners


  • Not good for professionals
  • Misaligned fitting

#5. Freedare Wheels Clouds 83a Skateboard Street Skating 

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The prime reason why this product has been deemed the best wheels for street skating by us is due to their high durability.

These wheels come in a set of four that can be instantly fitted into your skateboard the moment they reach you.

Coming back to the high durability of these wheels, the credit for this goes to the supreme quality urethane that has been used in their making.

The performance and quality of the Ricta wheels are truly unmatchable for they have been the pioneers since 2002 in manufacturing skate accessories.

They have resistance to water and flatspots both.

If you want both precision and speed in your ride, then these are the wheels for you.

They let you have the ultimate control and maneuverability over your skate ride.


  • Come in a unique shape with pro-design technology
  • 78A best-constructed for precision ride
  • Water-resistant that let you have the right traction on different terrains
  • Non-core wheels made of everlasting urethane material
  • Dual side graphic wheels without any tread


  • Sizing is not true to the description
  • Color mismatch

#6. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard

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We have got another Ricta product for you that can roll over rough surfaces easily.

These 92A durometer wheels are curated for the street and hard surfaces for a fast ride.

They are claimed to be the perfect ditch, which means they easily break away when pulled over and recover too.

This is a great advantage for skaters who want to try some tricks.

These are also called Cruzer wheels as you can roll around streets for long rides without the risk of tripping over.

This product has got the same NRG formula as the other models of this series.

The wheels are made of Stromectol from windham urethane that imparts them high durability.

You can say that the speed formula is a bit reinvented in this version.


  • The classic NRG formula explains their powerful riding abilities
  • 92A wheels for a ride over all types of surfaces
  • The grip is decent enough to provide a good traction
  • Perfect for Cruze rides and casual strolling around
  • Very durable urethane


  • Sizing not true to description

#7. Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

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This is the third product from the Ricta series of skateboard wheels but it has got the features to make it the toughest of all.

The 78A durometer and 54mm are the best size skateboard wheels for street that can roll over a lot of cracks, debris, and all other types of hurdles.

Unlike their predecessors, these wheels have got a 78D core, which is solid enough to impart outstanding strength to them as well as make the ride extremely maneuverable.

The smoothness of them is again due to the urethane material that also makes them highly resistant against wear and tear.

They minimize friction to make the ride smooth without compromising on the speed.

Additionally, they are light in weight and have a modern design.

You can use them for casual strolling around the city as well as over the hardest surfaces.


  • 78A wheels for the best ride even on hardest surfaces
  • 78D solid core for great strength and toughness in all types of rides
  • Modern tech and designing
  • Reduce friction to maximize speed
  • Lightweight for easy strolling around


  • The size may be too small for some boards

#8. Choice Skateboard 99a Wheels

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Another 99A best for street and park on our list, these wheels deliver what they promise.

The hardness of them is considered ideal for smooth concrete surfaces and the right traction so that the rider doesn’t trip over on hurdles.

They are the perfect companion for your shortboards.

The exceptional grip of these wheels will help you do those tricks and roll around the city easily.

These wheels are highly solid and yet don’t feel heavy at all.

You can depend on them for a long time as they are highly resistant to any unduly wear and tear.

You can choose from various sizes available to suit the type of rolling speed you want that depends upon the size of the wheels (larger wheels roll longer).


  • 99A solid wheels with high durability and strength
  • Roll very fast and allow easy maneuverability
  • Allow one to try the tricks along with cruising
  • A wide variety of colors available for trendy looking board
  • Huge range of sizes to meet the various speed needs


  • Soft as against the claim
  • Colors not true to description

#9. Bones Wheels Rough Riders 80a Skateboard Wheels

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They  will certainly give you a smooth and fast ride around the streets where you still can try small tricks.

This product comes from the brand Skate, which has been one of the pioneers in skate accessory manufacturing for a long time.

These wheels are a great representation of the quality promise as they deliver high performance in all situations.

The elements involved in the making of these skate wheels come from the tech advice of professional skaters.

Measuring just one pound in weight, these wheels will give you a super smooth and easy ride.

They come with the standard Redbones bearings that support the wheel system for a stable ride.

If you like cruising around the city, then they will keep you stable and going.


  • Made with high-level engineering
  • Expertly styled wheels for the best performance over concrete surfaces
  • Good for doing small tricks over boards
  • Provide a smooth and stable ride
  • Lightweight for a bouncy ride


  • Fragile quality
  • The overall quality is not up to the mark

#10. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels

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If you have been looking for a set of good skateboard wheels for street that can give you the best free ride, then this product by Sector 9 is the right one for you.

Casual skaters don’t need to invest a fortune in the highest quality skate accessories and this is why we suggest you go with this wheel set that can let you ride over harsh surfaces easily and do all the initial drifts and slides.

These wheels have the cosmic core and a constant contact patch which imparts them great grip and wear-resistance.

The round lips of the wheels allow them to break away very easily to enter into sliding from the grip.

These easy sliding capability of their function without any break-in requirement and this means that you get a stable and fast ride as a result.


  • A combo of the 75A and 80A wheels to do all the basic drifts and slides
  • Amazing traction for best hold over any harsh surface
  • Apt for the free-riders who want to try the basic moves
  • Contact patch on the wheels for superior grip


  • The ride can be a bit rough
  • Paint scraps off easily

#11. Spitfire Formula-Four Classic Wheels

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The last product of this list is a set of good skate wheels for street; again from the great brand Spitfire that delivers a performance as per their name.

The shape of these wheels is kept according to the standard design norms of the other models in the same skate wheels series.

These are the 99A durometer wheels that are known for their all-rounder abilities in terms of providing a balanced and decent ride.

These wheels are going to allow you excellent control over the ride as you can easily maneuver the board.

Gaining speed is no big deal when you have them attached as they roll fast due to the hardcore and strength.

They are good for rolling over smooth surfaces like skate parks, streets, pools, etc.


  • Perfect wheels for skating over smooth concrete surfaces
  • Classic design and engineering of the brand
  • Perfectly balanced ride with ample grip and traction
  • The speed gain is not a hassle
  • Pricing is the best deal


  • Flat spots may occur
  • Overall quality doesn’t feel authentic

A buyer’s guide

The wheels are the most essential part of the entire skateboard set-up as they only give the rolling action to the board.

To have the best balance, speed, and grip, having the set of best skateboard wheels becomes a must.

Main Features Of The Skateboard Wheels

Below are listed the defining characteristics of any good skate wheels for the street.


The skateboard wheels are made of a material called Polyurethane that imparts them great competitiveness and affordability.

However, this doesn’t mean any compromise on the quality as polyurethane is known to be the toughest plastic and extremely heat-resistant.

This material can be easily molded into various shapes, sizes, and measurements.

The polyurethane wheels have great flexibility and absorb the impacts and shocks greatly without breaking easily.


This refers to the hardness of the skate wheels and on a general note, the wheel hardness increases with the durometer value.

It is measured on two scales- A and B.

The A scale has 100 points while the B scale has 20 points.

This means that the B scale value will be equivalent to twenty points plus the A scale value.

Let’s see the different durometer ranges.

  • 78-87a: These are the softest wheels that are apt for the perfect traction over rough surfaces.
  • They are great for the longboards.
  • 88-95a: They have an average hardness that rolls faster on both rough as well as skating surfaces but might not give a great grip.
  • 96-99a: These are the all-rounder wheels for they offer supremely balanced grip and speed.
  • They roll well on smooth surfaces and can be the best for new learners.
  • 101a and above: These are the hardest wheels that roll fastest but have the least grip on rough surfaces.
  • They can be good for tricks and professionals.
  • 83-84b: The wheels with B scale values are generally harder than the A scale wheels.


This is another important basic aspect of the skateboard wheels that decides the acceleration and turns of the board.

The measurement of the wheel diameters is done in millimeters or mm and the size ranges between 50 mm – 75 mm.

Here are the different size ranges and what are they good for.

  • 50-53mm: These are the smallest wheels that give optimal performance and best stability during the basic tricks over smoother surfaces.
  • 54-59mm: The average size of these wheels gives a balanced performance that includes both causal riding and tricks.
  • These are the best for new learners.
  • 60mm and above: These are the biggest wheels that roll the fastest and over a variety of surfaces.
  • They are the best companions for longboards and professional skaters.


The wheel shape decides the skating style and there are two major types.

  • Round-lip: This shape is great for sliding and carving as it has the perfectly optimum finish for power-sliding.
  • Sharp-lip: This shape gives a better grip during the turns and works well for carving, cruising, and slaloming.

Major Varieties Of Skateboard Wheels

Here are the main three types of wheels to attach with the skateboards.

  1. The street or park wheels: These are hard wheels with 95-101a and 50-60mm specifications.
  2. They feel light and roll easily on faster on smoother surfaces; also allowing some tricks to be done.
  3. These are good for tricks.
  4. Soft or cruiser wheels: These are bigger wheels with 78-90a and 54-60mm specifications that go well with any deck and give faster rolling on a variety of surfaces.
  5. They give a more balanced and smoother ride over the rough surfaces.
  6. These are apt for strolling around casually.
  7. Longboard wheels: The specifications of these wheels are 75-85a and 60-75mm that make them the softest and biggest out of all skate wheels.
  8. These wheels can easily cut across the corners without losing grip and give the most powerful ride over rougher surfaces.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Skateboard Wheels

Here are the things to looking for:

Know your skating style

We always say that this is the primary aspect of going about choosing any skateboard accessory and we would maintain the same about choosing good skateboard wheels for street.

Knowing your style makes you clearer about the expectations and you would choose the wheels that are going to give you the right rolling.


This is another important aspect to look after since it decides the speed that you will get while skateboarding.

The general rule is that more hardness of the wheel means more speed.

However, if you want a smoother ride, go for the softer ones.


The overall performance of the skater depends much upon this as the diameter decides the balance, acceleration, speed, and almost all other factors.

Choose the wheel size as per your speed demands, small for slow, and vice versa.

Your height and weight have also to be a deciding factor in getting the right wheels.

Profile of the wheel

The weight and grip of the wheels depending upon their shape and will impact the locking power of the rider.

Rounder edges give smoother slides while sharp edges are good for a strong grip.

Therefore, do check for the wheel shapes and buy accordingly.

Contact patch

This part of the wheel remains in contact with the ground and thus is an important factor deciding the grip.

Narrow patches are good for techniques and trick skating while wider surface contacts give faster speed along with maintaining the grip too.


The skate wheels must be made of polyurethane material only because any cheaper quality material cannot survive the heavy-duty that they are deployed at.

If you want wheels that last long and don’t crack up easily under pressure, polyurethane wheels are your go.

Now that you know all the basics about picking the right wheels for your skateboard, let us move on to see some of the top queries people make about choosing them.

Some FAQs

Q. Are 99a wheels good for street?

A. The wheels with the 99a durometer are usually regarded as the best for street skating as they roll easily over the smoother surfaces like streets, pools, ramps, skate parks, etc.

They provide a perfectly balanced ride with grip as well as speed.

Q. Are Spitfire wheels good for street skating?

A. The skate wheels from the brand Spitfire are known to give the most powerful ride over smooth concrete surfaces like streets since they have the perfect 99a durometer for it.

Flatpsots are impossible on these wheels even when used for tricks.

Q. What is the best brand of skateboard wheels?

A. You can go for the brand Shark wheels as they use the best techniques in making their wheels that give the best performance in any situation they are put in.

Q. What size skateboard wheels are best for street?

A. Wheel size for street and park come from the range of 50-53mm wheels as they give the most stable ride on smooth concrete surfaces.

You can even do some tricks with them due to the slow roll.

Q. What are the best skateboard wheels for street?

A. Usually, They are the ones with 95-101a durometer and 50-60mm size.

These wheels roll faster on the smooth surfaces and can even support some tricks.

Q. What does 78a mean on skateboard wheels?

A. 78a refers to the hardness value of skate wheels that works best for skateboarding on rough surfaces.

These wheels have the best grip and can help you roll faster too.

Final words

By now, you would have understood how important it is to attach the right to your board to get the most stable and optimal skating performance.

In that regard, we would recommend that you choose the Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels for your board if you are looking for something superiorly engineered.

The features and details of these best skateboard wheels for city streets are to vouch for and deliver what they claim – a grippy and fast ride that can be maneuvered easily.

These wheels can be considered the king of tough terrains and will get a powerful ride experience for you.

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