187 Killer Pro vs Fly Knee Pads Review : Which One Better?


Many extreme and fast sports like skating, cycling, etc. involve a high risk to vulnerable body parts of the athletes and it becomes very important for them to wear protective gear.

One such guard is the Knee Pads that keep the knees safe against dangerous impacts and also allow better recovery.

To meet this need of yours, we are going to review the top products of their category.

We will assess them individually as well as compare them on different scales to help you make a better buy. Read on.

187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pad

“The best part is that you can remove and replace the caps in them, which means that you can use them for longer”

Product highlights:

  • Dual Density Foam,
  • Light weight
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Superior materials

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Pros And Cons Of Wearing Knee Pads


Although they are the protective gear that mainly aims at giving benefits, they have their disadvantages too. Let’s see both.


  • They stabilize joints against unnecessary movements to prevent any injury.
  • These reduce the pressure of body weight on the knees.
  • They can have auxiliary health benefits for various knee problems like arthritis, rheumatoid, sprains, etc.
  • They keep the knees warm to prevent pain.


  • Long term wear impacts blood circulation as well as muscle strength.
  • The warming effect<