6 Best Knee Pads For Roller Skating

Roller skating has become so closer a part of the sports trends among the youth these days that it almost has started to sit in with the way they want to move around even casually.

Similar is the case with other fast sports including rollerblading, skateboarding, BMX, etc.

That have become extremely popular among the younger generation and they want to keep up with all the new moves and tricks that they see on the internet.


The most crucial thing that needs to be addressed if you are too one of these people or are a parent of any such youth is that the learners or riders need to protect their bodies at all times because these sports are all about major impact forces playing the role.

This makes the rider highly prone to falls, accidents, and major injuries thereby.

To save that harm, protective gears become an indispensable part of the roller skating regime and knee pads are one very important part.

Not only do they keep the knees safe but even help one play while they recover from previous injuries.

Thus, to help you pick one great pair of knee pads for these reasons, here we are with some top choices.

Let’s begin.

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Quick Comparison – 6 Best Knee Pads For Roller Skating

Top #1 Choice: JBM international Adult / Child Knee & Elbow Pads

‘The best thing about this product is that it is a set of protective gear for all the crucial body parts that get involved in the sport of roller skating”

Product highlights:

  • For Adult, Youth and Child
  • Protect 3 in 1 for Wrist, Elbow, Knee
  • In Set Combo
  • Black Color

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 #1. JBM international 3 In 1

#1. JBM international 3 In 1

#2. Triple Eight Series

#2. Triple Eight Series

  • Kneesave
  • Elbowsave 
  • Wristsave
  • For Junior
  • Black One
#3. G-Form Pro X2

#3. G-Form Pro X2

  • 1 Pair
  • Black Logo
  • Adult 
  • Medium Size
#4. Pro-Tec Knee Pad

#4. Pro-Tec Knee Pad

  • Color: Black
  • Size M
  • For Street
#5. Triple Eight KP 22

#5. Triple Eight KP 22

  • Heavy-Duty
  • 1 Pair
  • Size M Black
#6. 187 Killer Pads

#6. 187 Killer Pads

  • Slim 
  • Black & Medium size
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Top 6 Roller Skating Knee Pads Review

You may find a lot of knee protective gear in the market claiming to be the best.

However, we aim to make the choice easier for you and so we present the reviews for the top 6 roller skating protective gear for adults that we have selected after a thorough research and market study.

#1. JBM Knee & Elbow Pads 3 in 1 For Multi Sports

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The very reason why this product could make it to the top of this list of the best knee pads for roller skating lies in the amazing set of features that these pads by JBM proudly flaunt.

The best thing about this product is that it is a set of protective gear for all the crucial body parts that get involved in the sport of roller skating, knees, elbows, and wrists.

Thus, when you have these gears on, you get the feeling of being ultimately protected by the best and go on to give a power-packed performance in the sport.

What is majorly interesting about this product is the price which feels so less for the things that you getting in this set which is like a full bodyguard.

Even the features of the individual pads are great and well fitted together to give comprehensive and equivalent support to each target body part.

Things like a deep cushioning for comfort, supportive elements for stability, adjustability driven fit, custom fitting support, and performance-driven support are all present in the pads.


  • Thick padding with the soft EVA foam for ultra comfort and secured feeling
  • Plastic plates of supreme quality for multiple times increase durability
  • The high elasticity of the pads gives the best fit and custom tension around the girth
  • Elastic fitted adjustable straps to make the fit securer and more stable
  • Perfect for people from all age groups as measurements suit various knee girth dimensions


  • Size might not be good for some users
  • Fabric is un-breathable and may feel too tight

#2. Triple Eight Series

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Another great product in this list features a set of protective gears for all the important body parts that are at risk when you skate, this pads set by Triple Eight is one amazing thing you can lay your hands on.

If you are in love with the sport and want to perform like the top skaters, then you will have to practice and these Triple Eight gears promise to accompany you for a long time till you get perfect at the sports.

You get knee wear, elbow wear, and wristwear in this combo set and the name of the product which is the Saver Series gets true with it.

One more thing that makes the deal even better is the pricing of the product that makes it easier for people with even a low budget to be a part of the world of roller skating.

You can choose from a variety of colors that are available and get your style game upfront.

All the features of the gears have been designed keeping in mind the protection and stability needs of the high-end performers as well as the beginners.

The most advanced and body technology suitable designing of the gears will surely amaze you.


  • The best quality fabric used in all the gears for superior breathability
  • Non-restricting protection with the thickest EVA padding and coverage caps of polycarbonate
  • ABS splints and nylon stretchable mesh included in the wrist gear for best support and hold
  • Easy wear and removal with the sleeve design of all the gears for convenience
  • Supreme secured fit with elastic straps combined with loop and hook closures


  • Safety may not be apt for high sporting
  • Designing may not accommodate the mid-size users

#3. G-Form Pro X2

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If you are one roller skating lover who is in love with technology and wants to ride with the most advanced technologically built gears, then this is the product for you and you don’t need to search the market any further.

Everything about these knee pads is technology-driven and combines the best of body mechanics and sports science to give the rider the perfect kind of protection they need.

You may not realize what your knee wants but these pads will and you will feel the difference after having them on while you ride.

The star feature of these pads by G-form is the SmartFlex technology that is known for the smart security it provides to the target body part.

The other two benefits of this technology are supreme breathability and a snug fit that doesn’t compromise on the freedom of movement for the rider at all.

The one thing we would like to mention is the way the pads harden upon impact and that is because they absorb the shock waves to keep the knee safe completely.


  • High flexibility allowing pads featuring the SmartFlex technology that doesn’t loosen out easily
  • Supreme and dry comfort with the UPF 50+ compression Flexi fabric
  • A glove-like fit due to the dual panels incorporated in the built
  • Improved ventilation and sweat-wicking with the dedicated holes and frontal pads
  • Anti-slip knee pads with the silicon gripper straps that secure the pads on the knee strongly


  • Pads aren’t very durable
  • Risk of skin reaction with the material being not so soft

#4. Pro-Tec Street Pairs

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Carrying over 45 years of experience and popularity in the world of sports, the company Pro-tec is widely known for the amazing and highly technical sports gear that they make.

Trust and reliability is the reason why a huge body of roller skating enthusiasts prefer to buy the Pro-Tec products and their knee pads are one spectacular one to choose.

With the promise of providing the best in class protection and features, these knee pads have been sent through all the reliability and high industry class tests in which they passed successfully.

There are so many things about these knee pads that are amazing but the main fact to note is that the manufacturers didn’t leave out any of the important aspects while designing them like comfort, security, support, durability, and stability.

All the best quality materials are used for making the parts of the knee pads and the result is wear and tear-resistant protective gear that doesn’t make the rider feel uncomfortable at all while hugging his knees tightly.

You can do all the tricks and moves freely as these knee pads know how to move with you and allow the freest movement in any type of action.


  • Neoprene high-quality fabric used in the pads for ultra-high durability
  • Cushion cup fitted with a thick layer of EVA foam for best impact protection and comfort
  • Lycra material lining on the internal side for allowing a custom fit and high stretchability
  • Straps on both the lower and upper sides for securing pads strongly and held at one place
  • Sleeve fitting with the loop-hook closure and wrap fastening for preventing slipping
  • Great for people belonging to the weight groups above 50kg


  • Straps fall off with high movement
  • Overall performance might be disappointing

#5. Triple Eight Pads For Roller Skating

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For the roller skating enthusiasts who prefer going rough or the ones who are at the advanced stage of their training and yearning to go even harder, these are the type of knee protective gear you need.

The very reason why they are being endorsed as the heavy-duty knee pads is that they have been designed that way to give the target performance and keep the rider safe completely.

The interesting part is that even when these pads work towards the protection of knees and might make you feel like a beast strangling your knee, the case is the exact opposite.

These are great in performance just like the lux armor knee pads.

Once you will begin riding with these knee pads on, you will feel better than normal as your confidence increases with the feeling of being protected.

All these qualities of the pads regarding the comfort quotient owe to the smart design of the product which is mainly focused on the convenience of the rider while putting on and taking off the gear.

A great part of the whole deal being offered by the company for this product is the 180-day warranty and return if you are not satisfied with the performance of the gear.


  • Pad closures of the butterfly wrap style that makes putting and removing the pads easier
  • Fully ergonomic designing of the pads that stick to the knees tightly without stopping movement
  • The contoured shape of the pad to cover the knee better and protect against stronger impacts too
  • Caps made of polyethylene plastic for complete absorption of the high shock waves too
  • Thicker padding with supreme quality EVA foam for high comfort


  • Price on the higher end
  • Durability not appeasable
  • Sizing is not true to the description

#6. 187 Killer Pads

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The sports brand 187 has continued to maintain its popularity in the world of roller skating by the unique series of products that they keep releasing and these knee pads are one of the best examples of the trademark craftsmanship of the brand.

For all those people who don’t like those ornate details on the knee pads or don’t like the embossing built of the pads messing with their style, these pads might turn out to be a great choice.

As the name itself suggests, these pads are Slim inbuilt but don’t think that they are any less on the security quotient.

With improvements being made that are even better than moxi knee pads, it performs much better than all the other pads in the series because of the plethora of amazing features that are studded in the extremely subtle design of these pads.

The focus has been on the freedom of movement, comfort, fit, and style that is kept minimal.

The low profile of these pads is very attractive and you may want to just buy them at once upon looking at them.

These are good pads for anyone to ride with having them on including the ones who have been through any injury and are learning to get back at the sports better.


  • The supreme finish of the pads with an interior lining of the nylon material
  • The durability quotient is high due to industrial weight stitches made with ballistic nylon thread
  • Secured knee fit with memory foam and fusion groove combined system
  • Minimal profile with an easy to put-on design that gives a snug-hug fit feel on the knee


  • Sizing may not be proper

Buyer’s Guide To Picking The Perfect

As we have already discussed, roller skating comes under the category of fast sports and this inevitably implies that the risk of accidents to which the riders are exposed is very high.

In the initial period of the sport’s emergence and rise to popularity, the enthusiasts would do roller skating without having any protective gear on and there have been high numbers releases of people who got badly hurt while in action.

Let us now shed light on some of the very important aspects related to the importance of skate pads for adults in any of the fast sports including roller skating and how to make the right choice while buying them.

roller-skating protective-gear for adults

Risks In Roller Skating

Injuries constitute the major part of the risks that are involved in any sports and several body parts are most vulnerable to those injuries as they get most instrumental while the sports person gets in the action.

In sports like roller skating, various body parts like the legs and hands play the most important role in maintaining balance which is the key requirement of the sport.

Thus, it is the legs and the hands that get at risk highly and narrowing down, it is the knees, wrists, and elbows that suffer the most injuries.

This is because during any fall, these parts tend to get flexed to minimize the impact and while they might save the rider from major harm, they end up getting majorly harmed themselves.

The knee is one of the major sufferers in this case as the rider mostly tends to fall on its knees.

With every injury, the tendons, patella, and sheens of the legs also get affected.

The first injury might get better but if you get injured on the same spot again, then it might have terrible consequences for you.

Role Of The Knee Protective Gears

The importance of the protective gear for fast sports like roller skating doesn’t need to be explained to all those enthusiasts who fully understand the risks involved in these sports and know that it is important to be guarded.

It is here that the guards like knee pads become very important as they perform the function of protecting the knees by creating a cushioned layer around them and prevent cuts, scratches, or bruises due to any fall mishappening.

Benefits Of Knee Pads

It is undeniable that best protective gear for roller skating must be a part of the gearing up regime before you go out for skating.

Having them on makes you safe but here are the many advantages that they provide:

  • The pads have a stabilizing effect on the knee joints that helps to keep them protected against injuries as well as false movements.
  • With the pads on, the knees have to do lesser work as the body pressure gets distributed evenly rather than falling entirely on the knees.
  • Some of the pads even come with orthopedic benefits that give a warming effect and prevent the knees from undergoing any pain from the previous injury.
  • You may also get several other health benefits like the curing of knee sprains, help in the alleviation of problems like arthritis, rheumatoid, etc.

Side Effects Of The Knee Pads

best-protective-gear for-roller-skating

Recently, a lot of experts have also come up with citing the disadvantages of wearing the knee pads if let them on for longer than usual.

You may experience several side effects like as well as certain harmful repercussions like:

  • Too much or prolonged pressure on the patella can warm it up more than enough which is also not good.
  • If the knees remain tightly held for longer, then the blood circulation and muscles of that particular area can get affected.
  •  Poor blood circulation may also slow down recovery.
  • The long-run benefits of your daily workout may get affected.

Picking The Right Out Of The Best Skate Pads For Adults

We gave you a list of the top products to choose from but it might get difficult for you to pick the right one even then.

However, we are also going to give you certain factors that you can look out for whenever in doubt.

Types Of Pads

Not every pad is designed with the same purpose as they must meet the needs individual needs of people from different age groups and styles too.

Henceforth, there are usually three kinds of knee pads that serve different purposes:

  • Military pads- These are the thickest ones, highly durable, and have very hard caps when compared to all another roller skating protective gear for adults to provide the highest protection.
  • Hexagon knee pads- These pads fit the best on the knees and take the shape it essentially.
  •  The honeycomb cushion pattern on the top absorbs all the shock while keeping the knees comfortably safe.
  • Toy pads- These pads are designed keeping in mind the needs of the young learners or kids who prefer having cute knee pads roller skating with an average level of protection like the impala knee pads.
  • Street pads- These pads too are made with protective layers enough to give a decent amount of protection while maintaining the comfort and style quotient of the wearer too.
  • Vert pads- These pads are made with the main aim of protecting the knees completely and thus they feature the most advanced padding technology and supreme quality material.

Material Used

A good quality material used to make the crucial parts of the pads goes a long way in deciding the durability of the pads.

Tough quality polypropylene plastic and high-quality nylon fabric can make the pads able to resist wear and tear for a very long.

Padding Cushion

The thick padding of EVA, PVC, polyvinyl, neoprene, nylon, polyurethane, or carbon fiber foam plays an instrumental role in protecting the knees against the shocks by absorbing it upon impact instantly.

The knee, at the same time, feels like having fallen on a bed of feathers.


The built of the best protective gear for roller skating must suit your convenience which means that they shouldn’t be very difficult to remove or put on.

You can choose the pads with strap closures, sleeve design, hook-loop fastening, Velcro closures, etc.

as per the fit and ease you want.

Adjustable straps are a bonus since they help to achieve custom tightness.


To have the pads perform what they claim can be enabled only when they fit rightly on the knees.

This can be ensured by having checking their dimensional measurements and matching them with the accurate measurements of your knees which you can take by yourself via this method.

Knee caps

These are another very important part of the pads as they give additional shock absorption.

There are two types of caps- riveted and swivel where the former ones are more restrictive and harder while the latter are replaceable when there is no need for them.

Caps and splints made of ABS plastic can increase the protection quotient of the knee pads manifolds.

Your Budget

It is important to buy the best quality pads that give the right kind of protection but what is not important is spending a whole fortune for the purpose.

Also, you may even expect untimely wearing off of the pads.

So you must not exceed your budget and buy what fits in best.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the best for roller skating?

A: Choosing depends on a lot of factors like comfort, protection, security, durability, and the level of sports you prefer.

Q. Do you need knee pads for roller skating?

A: It comes down to the choice of the rider if you wish to wear or it but these protective gears help you keep safe than sorry.

Q. How do you wear skating knee pads?

A: The right way to wear knee pads is-

Be seated while putting the pads on.

Bent your elbow and then put them on.

Fasten the pads enough tight that doesn’t hurt.

Q. Can I use volleyball knee pads for skating?

A: Yes, you can use volleyball knee pads but they won’t give the right and targeted protection as the knee pads for roller skating can.

Q. Do you need a helmet for roller skating?

A: A helmet is always helpful for all the riding sports that you perform since the head always remains prone to major injuries during accidents.

Q. Is rollerskating good exercise?

A: Rollerskating can help you to fire up the metabolism and activate all the body muscles.

It also helps in improving balancing skills.

Q. Is roller skating bad for your knees?

A: The knees remain bent for very long while skating and that can affect the patella.

Q. Can you lose weight by roller skating?

A: There is no conclusive evidence as of now to believe that roller skating can help one lose weight.

Q. Should I buy roller blades or skates?

A: Both skates and blades are related to two different sports and you must buy the one that you prefer.


If you ask us to recommend the best roller skating protective gear for adults, then we would suggest you go with the JBM Knee Pads 3 in 1.

With the name of the product already making everything visible, we would just say that this is one of the most cost-effective deals you will ever get.

You get three guards at a price that is so competitive that you usually get just one padding gear in that cost.

Moreover, all the guards have the best of advanced features that offer class-apart protection to all the injury-prone areas of the body.

The trust of the brand is also one thing and they offer great assistance with their products too.

This was all about the best knee pads for roller skating where we not only reviewed some of the best in class products for you but also tried to make you the best for yourself with the buyer’s guide.

Knowing the thing that you are going to put on is very important as that helps you to utilize the benefits of it rightly and even better.

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