Reviews For The 8 Best Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Skateboarding is an extreme sport and learning it to the best needs a right start.

This makes it very important for everyone, especially the beginners, to purchase the best mini cruiser skateboard as that is the perfect board for the initial learners due to the convenience-driven features it has got.

This makes it very versatile and also great for the riders who only want to stroll around the streets in a bit of sporty style.


So, here are the reviews of the top 8 mini cruiser skateboards along with a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best.

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Reviewing Top 8 Mini Cruiser Skateboard Choices

Here is our list of the top skateboards that will serve your purposes perfectly.

#1. The Starry Sky Design Complete Mini Cruiser Retro

#1. The Starry Sky Design Complete Mini Cruiser Retro

  • For Kids Boys Youths Beginners 
  • 22 Inch
#2. RIMABLE Complete Skateboards

#2. RIMABLE Complete Skateboards

  • 22 Inches 
  • Galaxy design
#3. Cal Mini Board

#3. Cal Mini Board

  • 7 22.5"
  • Complete Mini Cruiser 
  • Plastic Skateboard 
#4. Rude Boyz 17 Inch

#4. Rude Boyz 17 Inch

  • Mini Wooden Cruiser
  • Beginner 
  • Rude Boyz Design
#5. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

#5. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

  • Short Board
  • Canadian Maple Deck 
  • For Kids, Teens and Adults … 
  • Heart Beat Icon
#6. Playshion Complete 22 Inch

#6. Playshion Complete 22 Inch

  • Mini Cruiser Skateboard 
  • For Beginner
  • Sturdy Deck Pink
#7. SK8MEMO 17X5inch

#7. SK8MEMO 17X5inch

  • Kids Skateboard, 
  • Mini Skateboard 
  • For Beginners
#8. GASACIODS 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard

#8. GASACIODS 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard

  • Complete Plastic Retro Board 
  • Bendable Deck
  • Smooth PU Casters 
  • Speed 
  • 220 Ibs
  • Color: Blue
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#1. The Starry Sky Design Complete Mini Cruiser Retro

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If you want to have the widest choice when choosing the best mini cruiser skateboard for yourself, then the skateboards by the brand Meketec are the ultimate ones to go with.

There is not just one but a combination of many reasons why this particular product has made it to the top position in our list of best mini skateboards.

It’s the factors of promising reliability, advanced functioning, supreme performance, and ultimate style that are all present in this complete skateboard that will convince you into buying it without any second thought.

This is the ideal skateboard for any age group and skating learner with the unique Meketec signature quality of having a full graphic printed and multi-color 3.25 inches long truck that looks super stylish

The deck has 22.5*6 inches dimensions that give perfect leg space for any person up to 200 lbs weight to control the board easily.

The 60*45mm smooth wheels help in providing a smoother bump-free ride and remain secured at their place with the ABEC-7 high-quality bearings.

The performance of this board has no parallels in any other brand and you get to enjoy that in the most reasonable of pricing.

Everything becomes all the better with the CE certification that the skateboard carries which means that the designing has been done securely to provide a safe and smooth ride to any level of learner or expert.


  • A sturdy deck made of high-quality polypropylene plastic
  • 78A durometer aluminum wheels for supreme stability
  • High durability and performance with great dimensions and features
  • Best in class technology at a great budgeted price
  • CE certification for a promisingly safe ride


  • Size may turn out small
  • Difficult to use for beginners

#2. RIMABLE Complete Skateboards

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For everyone who wants to learn skateboarding but also be sure about their safety and not exceed the budget as well, we recommend you to choose this next skateboard by RIMABLE.

We can say that this product is going to be the favorite of all those youngsters and teen kids who want to learn this sport without compromising with their style statement or even want to fit into the cool culture of their surroundings.

All if it becomes possible due to the wide variety of patterns and prints available with this skateboard from which you can choose.

You can even ride these boards barefoot and get the absolute grip while commuting through the paths in style.

This board can be ridden by a person of any age group and weight group up to 198 pounds without worrying about the board breaking easily under any pressure.

The deck of this board is 3 inches wide which allows nice grip space to the riders and is made of high-quality aluminum that imparts it the required toughness.

The reason behind the smooth and trusted ride given by this mini cruiser skateboard for beginners is the pairing of the tough polyurethane wheels with super speed bearings.

The best part about this cruiser board is that it comes fully assembled when delivered and you won’t have to worry about having to give time arranging the parts and then be able to go for a ride.


  • Awesome collection of graphical prints and patterns available along with a huge color range
  • A thick and sturdy deck made of fresh and supreme quality material
  • Faster ride with strong bearing and smooth wheels
  • Apt for all age groups underweight limit of 198 lbs
  • Best buy in the budget that makes skateboarding for everyone


  • Board may break under severe pressure
  • Prints not true to description

#3. Cal Mini Board

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This is the mini cruiser skateboard for beginners if you have been in search of a skateboard that is highly portable and yet reliable enough.

Usually, it’s the smaller skateboards that college-going people prefer for they would want to store or hold it conveniently but that can compromise the performance and reliability of the ride they get from the board.

However, that doesn’t remain the case any longer with the cal 7 mini cruiser at your disposal as it comes with the promise of delivering the best performance and ride.

You can choose from the two options of 22 inches and 23 inches longboards as to whatever suits your riding level and leg space requirements.

The trucks are 3.125 inches wide and made of aluminum alloy that indicates the guarantee of a secure ride

Everything becomes even better with the 78A durometer smooth wheels that roll with the ABEC 7 bearings.

This skateboard has been designed with inspirations derived from the classic skateboard built and techniques but also keeping in tandem with the modern techniques to provide the rider with the experience of supreme speed and smooth gliding.

Grip won’t be a problem even with the compactness of the board.

The bold designs of this skateboard are also a great catch as you can pick up the subtle pastel prints or the cool transparent boards, whichever suits your style more.


  • Supreme quality plastic deck with 22
  • 5 and 6 inches dimensions
  • Wide trucks for securer and fast ride
  • The best combination of wheels and bearings for a bump-free ride
  • High portability with the compact size of the board
  • Bold design and extremely trendy patterns


  • Overall quality compromised
  • Board breaks easily underweight

#4. Rude Boyz 17 Inch

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If you have a kid that is super excited about learning skateboarding and you want their entry into the world of sports with the promise of safety, then the skateboards by Rude Boyz is the best choice for you.

These skateboards have been specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the young learners and beginners, safety and reliability being the prime ones, to keep them learning without any worry.

Apart from that, the skateboard is going to be loved by your little one because of the trendy designs that are printed on these boards.

With the permitted weight limit up to 121lbs, this skateboard is meant for age groups 3-5 and young children who want to have some fun with skateboarding.

This means that it is strictly the kids who must ride this board and not the adults as it may break under the pressure.

The shape of this board is like that of a banana and is made of wood that gives it the perfect quirk.

It is a very lightweight skateboard that can not only be strolled around easily but also carried too.

The specifications of this skateboard have been amazingly chosen to give the perfect learning experience to the newbies and young learners that is safe and promising.

The tapered and concave shape of the board allows better maneuverability and control by the rider along with the kick tail that helps to gain speed easily.


  • 17 inches long and 3
  • 5 inches wide truck for great grip
  • 54mm wheels fitted with ABEC 7 bearings for supreme control
  • 6 inches wide trunk for better coverage
  • Amazing and stylish designs to choose from
  • Highly portable with the lightweight wooden frame


  • Overall quality compromised
  • May not be good for weighted kids

#5. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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This is a great mini cruiser skateboard for beginners no matter what age group you belong to.

The versatility of this skateboard speaks well as everyone including kids, teens, and even the adult newbies can begin their journey of learning skateboarding with this product.

The trademark characteristic of this skateboard is high portability that allows super easy storage of the board as well as carrying it anywhere when you aren’t riding it.

Coming to the design of this magneto mini cruiser skateboard, the best thing that we would point out is the dual kicktails that make riding and learning even more fun as they allow the rider to do perform tricks too.

Both the back and front kick tails are asymmetric that gives a unique dimensional design to the board leading to the rider begin able to surf with supreme control as well as style.

Thus, versatility and fun are the two things that this skateboard promises to the rider where doing the ollies, mannies, and flips are all possible.

Next, is the built of the board which is super sturdy due to the Canadian Maple wood that has been used in the making of the deck that contains 6 layers of it.

The sandy finish of the board also gives the feel of a supreme grip that keeps the feet strongly held for high maneuverability.

The casted aluminum trucks are tough and top-mounted for great reliability while riding.


  • Canadian maple wood deck makes it very lightweight
  • Dual kick tails for tricks and fast riding
  • Reliable and tough trucks with great specifications
  • 5 inches skateboard for allowing everyone to ride
  • 5 inches wheelbase for better grip on the road


  • High pricing
  • Poor quality hardware

#6. Playshion Complete 22 Inch

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This mini cruiser skateboard made by Playshion is surely going to make a sensation soon as it will rise in popularity solely because of the plethora of features and specifications.

The designing, assembly, and parts of this skateboard blend in together so well resulting in a great board that promises to give a highly advanced and smooth riding experience to riders of any learning level or age group.

This skateboard only looks small and compact but don’t get mislead by its appearance as it can bear a weight limit of up to 220lb which is the highest in the category.

With such a weight limit, there are different sizes of this skateboard available which can be chosen by the rider as per their preference.

This has been made possible with the fiberglass compound used in the making of the deck and board frame.

This imparts sturdiness to the board and great grip for the rider.

The anti-wheel flip design of the board is also unique that makes taking turns easier along with performing minor tricks.

The specifications of this Playshion skateboard include a 22 inches long deck that is fitted with 3.25 inches wide trucks made of solid casted aluminum along with softer bushings that allow the rider to experience a cushioned ride and be able to surpass the bumps easily without tripping over

The PU wheels of 59mm durometer are paired with the ABEC-9 bearings that make the skateboard one step ahead of all others in the category.


  • ABEC-9 bearing with 59 durometer for a great controlled ride
  • Biggest weight limit to allow riding for everyone
  • Fiberglass compound deck for strength and durability
  • Anti-wheel flipping design for easy flips and turns
  • Suitable for riders up to 220lbs


  • Graphics might be inappropriate
  • Sticky wheels

#7. SK8MEMO 17X5inch

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Another gem in our list is the mini cruiser board for the kids and beginners, this skateboard by SK8MEMO has some of the most advanced and unique features that are hard to find in its competitors.

If you want to gift something cool and quirky to your kid that loves to move around or is much into sporting, then this skateboard is the perfect choice as it will ensure a safe and fun entry of your kid into the world of skateboarding.

The polypropylene deck is 17 inches long and bendable too that features the very unique One Screw Quick Release system that involves the iron trucks wrapped with the highly durable pp material and them getting ready for a ride with a turning circle of very small radius.

This anti-slip deck is fitted with bearings made of carbon steel that allows the riders to enjoy a smooth strolling around with fast attainable speed.

The whole setting is not very huge as you may think; instead, the kid can easily carry it around in your bag when not riding.

The maximum weight supported by this skateboard is 100lbs which means it is suitable only for kids or very young riders who are new to skateboarding.

All the safety regulations and certifications have also been successfully taken care of by the manufacturers while designing this skateboard to ensure the proper safety of the young learners.


  • Unique deck with anti-slip coat and releasable trucks
  • Highly portable with the compact size
  • Perfect for young learners with assured safety checks
  • The trial tested and warranty laced skateboard
  • Specially designed for the kids up to 100lbs weight


  • Easily breakable
  • Size not apt

#8. GASACIODS 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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If you have been in search then that can handle any kind of pressure and continue performing even on the rough tracks, then this skateboard by GASACIODS is the one for you.

This skateboard is one of the most power-packed in this list with the features and specifications that it possesses and can leave you stunned.

It is meant for riding anywhere, parks, road, ramps, etc.  without you having to worry about the concrete or ultra-smooth surface causing slips or tumbles.

Coming to the exceptional specifications of this skateboard, let’s begin with the deck that is 22 inches long, made of fully fresh material, and apt for all kinds of riders up to 220lbs weight.

This deck rolls over the 3.25 inches wide aluminum cast trucks that are painted to be sturdier and durable.

The task of making the ride smooth and fast remains with the PU wheels and the ABEC-7 bearings that do so by reducing vibrations at bumps.

You can choose from the wide variety of these skateboards that come in different colors and patterns that can easily be loved by riders of any age group.

The best part about this board is that the manufacturers provide a 60-day full refund service in case the receiver is not satisfied with the performance of the product.


  • Lightweight and compact size for high portability
  • A non-slip and bendable deck made of fresh material for great sturdiness
  • Great maneuverability and superior grip allowed
  • Even allows doing some tricks with it
  • A great choice for all levels of learners and age groups


  • Performance not true to the description
  • Cheap penny board style in real

Buyer’s Guide

After having reviewed the best skateboards for you, we thought a buyer’s guide that deals with all the important aspects related to understanding the importance of the right boards will make the task of making the best purchase easier for you.

Thus, here we are, with some important information on skateboards.

About The Skateboards

Skateboards entered the world of sports back in the 1950s with the main purpose of making traveling smarter and sportier for people.

Skateboarding then began to be practiced by a lot of people and soon became a whole sport with the coming up of a lot of tricks and moves like ollies, mannies, flips, etc…

The two main purposes that the skateboards then served were:

  • Allowing riders to learn street moves and tricks of skateparks
  • Quicker movement in any kind of space
  • Higher agility and maneuverability

Primary Characteristics Of The Mini Cruiser Skateboards

These skateboards are different from others due to their specific design that is aimed at meeting different purposes like short distance cruising through difficult paths too.

These cruiser skateboards aren’t much suitable for performing tricks with as you may think due to the presence of kicktails in some of them.

Doing speedy movements or downhill skating with these boards is also not advisable.

Here are some of the main features of these skateboards that make them different:

  • The mini cruiser skateboard deck is the main part which is usually made of plastic or wood and is short to medium in length.
  • It is usually smaller in size with a length of not more than 27 inches and a width that doesn’t exceed 7 inches.
  • The wheels are tougher and bigger for smooth strolling on the harder surfaces too.
  • Mini cruiser skateboards are known for their portability and easy storage abilities.
  • The shape of these boards is universal with a kicktail at the back portion of the deck sometimes
  • These kicktails help the riders to pick up easily and even do some light tricks.

Note: The main purpose of cruiser skateboards is for short-distance cruising on level surfaces and thus, these boards are preferably referred to as cruisers only.

Important Factors To Consider While Picking A Mini-Cruiser Skateboard

After having seen the main features and purpose of these types of skateboards, it becomes evident that there are certain factors that you need to check in the product that you pick so that they support the functions properly.

Everything About The Truck

This is one part of the mini cruiser that you can’t go wrong with and there is no way you can afford to have them cheaply built.

Size- Check if the width of the truck axle matches with that of the deck board.

Also, check the metal material and if all the parts come assembled fully.

Profile- This is the space between the hanger and lower portion of the deck and determines the efforts that will need to operate the cruiser for any skating style.

You can choose between a low, mid, or high truck profile.

Everything About The Wheels

Check for the following two factors:

Material- Check the material of the wheels and it would be better if it’s urethane and if the interior of the wheels is cored.

Dimensions- The diameter and durometer are the two very important factors that affect the rolling pattern of the wheels.

Choosing the wheels also depends upon the individual style.


These are a very important part that ensures the smooth rolling of wheels

Ensure that they have the ABEC ratings that range from 3 to 9.


Q. What is the best mini cruiser skateboard?

A. Depends upon a calculated decision that is based on the assessment of the purchase as per the crucial factors that make any skateboard an ideal one

All the products listed above are good and you can pick the best one for yourself after judging their essential features.

Q. Are mini cruiser skateboards good for beginners?

A. The mini cruiser skateboards can help the beginners in getting a good start due to the following advantages that they have-

  • Greater for rough surfaces
  • Easily operable and maneuverable
  • Provide a more stable ride
  • Highly portable

Q. What is a mini cruiser skateboard?

A. These are the skateboards that have the main aim of providing the cruising experience to their riders which means that they aim at convenience

Lightweight materials are used in their making to allow higher maneuverability for tighter turns and performing minor tricks too.

Q. Which board is best for cruising?

A. All the products that we have reviewed above have great features and specifications that make them ideal skateboards for the riders they target

You can also check out the landyachtz dinghy and skatro mini cruiser skateboards as they have got amazing and promising features too.

Q.  Are cheap penny boards good?

A. Penny boards are usually a good choice but only for the right type of riders that are mostly kids and teens

These boards are short, portable, and convenient for their price but not good for the people who want to learn proper riding or tricks due to their non-versatile nature.

Q.  Is a mini cruiser a penny board?

A. Both the penny board and mini cruisers are better optimized for giving better riding performances along with allowing the riders to perform tricks too

However, they aren’t the same as their wheel sizes vary.


Getting the good mini cruiser board is a great choice as it is perfect for any level of rider to get used to handling the skateboard easily and quickly and then move on to learns the sport deeply for a better game.

The portability and maneuverability of these cruiser boards are unmatchable and they are very versatile too.

The style riders can perfectly utilize these cruisers for their strolling purposes.

If you ask us to make a recommendation, then we would say that you must check out The Starry Sky Design Complete Mini Cruiser Retro

This particular cruiser skateboard is a complete package with the best features in the category and that too, at a very affordable price.

Beginners can trust this skateboard for safety and reliability as it also carries the required CE certifications and safety tests.

The wide range of patterns and colors allows you to pick a board that matches your style or even create a statement as you ride across the lanes.

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