How Much Do Penny Boards Cost: Top 10 Best Penny Boards

The penny boards were launched by an Australian company called the Penny Australia for meeting the needs of cruise skating and providing a somewhat balanced option against the longboards and skateboards.


With these penny boards, you can easily make your way through the busy lanes in style while also do some quick tricks in between. Although expert opinions on the issue that how much are penny board worth opting for are divided, many factors play a deciding role for the same.

This article is going to be your guide to understand more about penny boards and then decide if they are worth investing in. If you are wondering that where can I buy a penny board, then we will help in narrowing down your search by reviewing the top 10 penny boards available on the market.

Are Penny Boards Worth It?

The main equipment used for skateboarding is called the Skateboard and they come in three major forms, one of which is the Penny Board. These boards are referred to as the Short Cruisers in the skating world. Let’s see their major features:

These boards are primarily made of plastic.

They are mostly narrow in shape and consist of a kicktail and slightly pointed nose.

There are three major standard sizes of Penny boards – original version of 22 inches, nickel board of 27 inches, and 32 inches longboard variety.

Penny boards are very lightweight and highly portable due to their compact sizes.

The truck is designed with a specific axle angle and center of gravity that lets it remain stable even on rough paths.

Are Penny Boards Good For Beginners?

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The different types of skateboards cater to a specific set of skating goals and Penny boards are no different. Let’s see what purposes they serve for its riders:

Penny boards give the perfect cruising experience while commuting through the narrow spaces.

You can easily skate through the difficult terrains with pebbles, cracks, and other hurdles, thanks to the large wheels of these boards.

Penny boards gain a faster speed with the application of only a minimal force and maintain their stability due to the ergonomic design.

They can be used to learn some of the basic skateboarding tricks for beginners too.

How Much Do Penny Boards Cost – Quick Comparison

#1. RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard (Blue & Red)

#1. RIMABLE Complete 22" Skateboard (Blue & Red)

#2. Retrospec Quip Skateboard 27" Classic Retro Plastic Cruiser Complete Skateboard

#2. Retrospec Quip Skateboard 27" Classic Retro Plastic Cruiser Complete Skateboard

#3. Meketec Skateboards 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

#3. Meketec Skateboards 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

#4. Cal 7 22.5" Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard (Oceanic)

#4. Cal 7 22.5" Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard (Oceanic)

#5. DINBIN Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board Mini 22 Inch

#5. DINBIN Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board Mini 22 Inch

#6. Penny Classic Complete Skateboard, Burgundy, 22" L

#6. Penny Classic Complete Skateboard, Burgundy, 22" L

#7. Flybar Skate Cruiser Boards – 24” – 27.5

#7. Flybar Skate Cruiser Boards – 24” – 27.5

#8. FlyBee Boards 27inch Mini crusier Skateboard

#8. FlyBee Boards 27inch Mini crusier Skateboard

#9. WHOME Skateboard Complete for Adults and Beginners

#9. WHOME Skateboard Complete for Adults and Beginners

#10. Runyi 22/24/27 Inches Mini Cruiser Skateboard

#10. Runyi 22/24/27 Inches Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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Top 10 Best Penny Boards & Mini Cruiser

After assessing how much are penny board relevant for your skating needs, take a look at these top 10 penny boards that we are going to review for you. They are available for purchase in three forms – completely assembled, full boards, and separate parts. We will be listing five products each in the 22-inch and 27-inch variants.

#1. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

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This is another great product in the penny board 22 inch category, which promises a complete and high-quality riding experience. All the board models of this product are made with the galaxy graphical design that looks amazingly cool and stylish. These penny boards can carry a maximum weight of 198 pounds or 90 kg, thus people of any age group under this weight limit can ride it.

The material used in the making of the deck of this board is high-quality plastic that is fully fresh and thick. The wheels are made of the durable PU material and smooth bearings are fitted into the deck to enable easy rolling of the board. The truck is three inches wide and is composed of solid aluminum.

There are numerous color options available to choose from. If you are a youngster, then having this penny board will surely make you stand in tandem with contemporary fashion and sports trends. The deck is grippy enough to be ridden with bare feet.

This brand offers a highly competitive penny board price that makes the product a perfect choice for you if you want to get the best skateboard performance without burning a big hole in your pocket.


  • Fully assembled board
  • Extremely charming designs based on the galaxy pattern
  • A durable truck made of aluminum
  • Strong and smooth bearings for speedy movement
  • Best features at a competitive price


  • Susceptible to breaking with a heavy load
  • Design is misleading and can peel off soon
  • Not made for rough usage

#2. Retrospec Quip Skateboard 27″ Classic Retro Plastic Cruiser

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This board can be a great choice in the penny board 27 inch category for the amazing features it possesses. Just like the name of the brand suggests, the board is designed like classical retro skateboards that were popular in the 1900s. There is also a 22-inch version of this product available on the market that you can pick for your kid or any teen relative.

The board is made out of the injection-molded plastic material. This makes it highly flexible and very durable. The size of the board is compact enough to make it fit in any small backpack and it has a weight of just 4 lbs.

The truck is 5 inches wide and made of high-quality aluminum, which further increases the sturdiness quotient of the board. Its wheels are cast out of the polyurethane material that makes them easily guidable. The carbon-bearing is of the ABEC 7 quality that adds precision to the turns and curves.

It can support up to 220 lbs, which is the highest load capacity among all the boards listed in this article. These features allow you to easily maneuver the board without risking any instability.


  • Comes in a fully assembled form and is thus ready to ride
  • Made of injection-molded high-quality plastic
  • Has a retro design that looks very stylish
  • High-quality and standard board parts
  • Waffle patterned deck and tiny kicktail for a superior grip and cruising experience


  • The color is not true to the description
  • Some users complain of having an unsatisfactory customer experience

#3. Meketec Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

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The unique engineering put into these penny boards by Meketec designers make them stand out in the race. The distinctive looks of these boards play a major role in this and the popping color combinations are also to look out for. They possess the relevant CE certifications, which makes them a reliable and trusted skater board brand for a different level of riders, including beginners, kids, and experienced riders.

The truck of this penny board is top-notch with a superior width of 3.25 inches. Its bearings are the signature Meketec ones with classic ABEC 7 technology that enables smooth riding for skaters. They can carry a maximum weight of nearly 200 lbs that makes them suitable for anyone without risking easy breakage.

This plastic skateboard can be very easily carried anywhere due to its compact size and lightweight. The board deck is composed of the polypropylene material that gives it nice flexibility and sturdiness.  Moreover, the soft and smooth castors boost the grip of the board for a smoother and stable ride.

The Meketec penny board provides high value and cost-effective performance, which gives a tough competition to many significant brands in the market of skating accessories. Gift this board to your loved ones and they will surely be amazed by it.


  • Signature Meketec technologies used in the construction of the board
  • Perfect for all age groups
  • Apt for cruising and skating in rough terrains
  • Good for learning the basic skating tricks
  • Sturdy Aluminum base


  • Colors are not true to description
  • Not great for adults

#4. Cal 7 22″ Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic Skateboard

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This is a mini-cruiser board that gives one level up performance when compared to the classic penny original. The best part is that this product comes in a fully assembled form so you can use it as soon as the package arrives. This product can truly be the best deal you get at the penny board price quoted.

The deck of the board measures 22.5 inches and it is slightly bigger than the standard models of the penny board 22 inch category. Yet, the board remains perfectly portable, light, and can be carried across by fitting it into any small bag. The small size of the board should not be misunderstood in any way as its performance remains uncompromised.

It has large 60 mm wheels and classic ABEC 7 durable bearings; both of these combine to give a smooth and bouncy rolling effect to the board. The truck of the board is 3.125 inches wide with a coating of aluminum powder that imparts high durability to it.

The product is available in a crazily broad range of trendy designs and colors that allow you to choose a unique one to suit your personality.


  • Best deal with an unbelievable price
  • Durable and sturdy board that is good for both adults and kids
  • High on class with the latest trendy looks
  • Easy maneuvering and tight carving
  • Smooth riding experience


  • Breaks easily under slightly higher pressure or impact
  • Quality of the material is not reliable
  • Wheels roll-off upon rough usage

#5. DINBIN Complete Plastic Cruiser Mini 22 Inch Skateboards

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The features of this small cruiser board are engineered after all the standard measurements of a classic Penny board, like waffle pattern deck, ABEC 7 bearings, PU wheels with 78A rebounding, 22*6 inches plastic board, and high-quality tensile bolts. They have a large loading ability of around 220 LB or 100 kg that can easily let a rider of any age group mount it.

The safety quotient of this penny board is trustable with the CE certifications. It allows riders to skate through any terrain without any worries. You can practice numerous beginner tricks over this board and build a comfortable stance, along with finding the right reflexes and balance.

The DINBIN penny board can be easily carried anywhere due to its portable size. You can easily swirl through busy lanes with this board and break in easily if there comes any obstacle.

The best part of this product is that it comes with the DINBIN refund promise that gives no-questions-asked refund service to users. The 60-day complete refund guarantee, along with great customer assistance, makes the purchase an assured one.


  • A huge load-supporting capacity
  • The size of the board is best suitable for kids and young adult learners
  • A vast color range with quirky graphical designs
  • Accurate measurement standards followed
  • Unconditional 60-day refund policy offered by the brand
  • Certified by the relevant CE authorities


  • Wheels are prone to breaking out on speedy downhill terrains
  • Bearings are prone to rust

#6. Penny 22″ Cruiser Skateboard

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This penny board comes from the widely trusted and world-renowned brand Penny Australia. This is the same company that launched the small cruisers and took the world by storm with this utilitarian product that combines the features of both a longboard and a skateboard.

The deck of this board is made with the secret formula plastic that is Penny Australia’s signature material. It imparts amazing flexibility and strength to the board to sustain any kind of wear and tear risk. The wheels fitted into the board are made with the superior quality 83A technology and are 59 mm wide.

You can take the board for cruising and stay assured of a smooth ride. This product is a re-engineered version of the classic original penny board with a cutting edge design. If you love minimalist designs and coordinated color combinations, then this product is for you.

The total weight of this penny board is around 3.9 pounds that makes it super light to carry anywhere and mount over for a great and convenient ride. The 22-inch board is good enough for all levels of skaters to expect a great performance.


  • Brand promise and trust assure the high-quality of the board
  • Cutting edge designing with a monotone color combinations
  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Board deck is made with a signature material
  • Strong grip with soft wheels allow you to skate over difficult surfaces too
  • Cost-effective price
  • Can be assembled according to personal preferences


  • The board might get scratches easily
  • Rust prone

#7. Flybar Skate Cruiser Boards – 24” – 27.5 Complete Skateboards

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This is another great penny board 27 inch that promises high-class performance with the plethora of exceptional features it displays. The signature Flybar engineering of the classic penny board appears successful in this product with a lot of significant features.

Additionally, the length and width of this penny board are 27.5 inches and 8 inches that make it the longest cruiser board on the list. The deck is made out of maple wood and is concave in shape. Its milled wheel grooving and kicktail make the board a perfect choice for doing some great tricks while smoothly cruising through the narrowest spaces.

The truck of the board is loaded with features like four inches of aluminum coating, riser pads of 6 mm width to keep the rider safe from wheel injuries, and PU medium bushing for better responsiveness to the rides. Its steel bearings of ABEC 9 standard and large 60 mm wheels of 78A polyurethane make the rides smoother and easily maneuverable.

The 80S grip tape with the brand logo makes the board stand out in the race. This feature makes it incredibly grippy and stable during a ride.


  • A perfect combination of classic style with modern technological engineering
  • Fully assembled product
  • A 17.5 inches wide wheelbase for the most controlled ride
  • Feels almost like riding a longboard
  • The best and fullest board feels for beginners who want to try tricks too
  • The only board with a grip tape design


  • Details not true to the description
  • Bearings can fall out upon pressure impact

#8. FlyBee Boards 27in Cruiser Skateboard

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This is another great product in the penny board 27 inch variant section that can easily be your choice if you believe in the best standards for construction and engineering of skateboards. The larger size of this board allows beginners to have a great skating experience. It has got many other superior features that enhance the overall riding experience.

The deck is made out of Canadian maple wood in seven layers that impart a unique toughness to the board. Moreover, the additional two layers of dying make the deck highly resistant to cracks and scratches. The wheel grooves attached in the board is a unique feature that promotes better fitting of the wheels to prevent them from rolling off easily.

Furthermore, the truck is highly durable with a 5-inch width, which is the highest among similar products. It displays a smooth finish with a black color aluminum coating. The bushing is of the signature FlyBee technology named SHR90A that gives high rebounding to the board.


  • This is a 7-layer Maple wood board, which is tougher than its various other plastic counterparts
  • Has an 8-inch wide deck that makes it even tougher
  • Has the widest truck for outstanding board feel
  • Standard quality wheels and bearing
  • Signature FlyBee re-engineering of the classic board


  • A few users report some customer assistance issues

#9. WHOME 27 Inch Cruiser Skateboard

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This product can be your complete skate kit as the T-tool set that is included in the package makes the whole deal more than it’s worth. This WHOME nickel board can be your best choice for cruisers that can also let you do the beginner tricks. The deck is made of the tough polypropylene material that can carry a weight of up to 220 lbs.

The board measures 27 inches in length and the deck is 7.5 inches wide that boosts the overall toughness quotient of the product. It can be used for the most convenient commuting, cruising, and casual skating. The portability of this mini cruiser is high.

Its wheels are large in size, measuring 60 mm, and made of soft 80A PU material. They are made to roll smoothly with the WHOME signature bearings that have a steel coating over them and are of the ABEC 9 standard. The board truck is made of aluminum alloy A356, fitted with a steel-carbon shaft in the mid, and coated with baking paint. You can easily adjust the truck to get the comfortable responsiveness from the board.


  • Large wheels for easy rolling over the hardest surfaces
  • Sturdy polypropylene deck
  • Top-notch ABEC 9 bearings with steel coating that make them rust resistant
  • High load-supporting capacity
  • Best quality alloy truck with high-class engineering
  • Cheap for the features it displays


  • No color options

#10. Runyi 27 Inches Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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This can be the best product you can choose to gift to your teenage kid from the nickel board category due to the exciting features it has. What makes it an appealing penny board for kids and teens are its PU wheels that glow with the colorful LED lights fitted in them. This will give your kid a very stylish ride.

The board is made out of good quality polypropylene plastic that makes it greatly flexible and break-resistant. Further, the overall configuration of the board is done with the standard components, like PU push 3.25 inches wide aluminum-coated truck, large 60mm wheels, and ABEC 7 quality bearings. The product is also available in the 22-inch and 24-inch variants.


  • Glowing LED wheels for a stylish ride
  • Lightweight and can support up to 198 lbs load
  • The 27-inch board variant is the best for beginners and polishing advanced tricks
  • Fully assembled
  • High impact resistance


  • Durability issues
  • Wheels can roll off under high pressure

What Are The Two Types Of Penny Boards?

As we mentioned above about the three different size variants, the Penny board has two major versions known as the original and nickel. Let’s understand them closely.

Penny Original Board

These are the 22-inch variant of the penny boards and made of the durable polyurethane plastic. The 59-mm wheels are used in this board, which has a wide truck of around 3.125 inches.

The original penny has a small deck that allows faster turns and easy storage. The small wheelbase makes it perfect for convenient maneuvering through busy spaces. These boards are better for kids and teens with less weight and can be used for casual riding around.

Penny Nickel Board

These boards are the 27-inch variant and have a wider deck and yet are portable enough. The trucks are around 4 inches wide that complement the deck of the board for an optimal and balanced ride.

The main benefit of the nickel penny board lies in its bigger length that gives more feet room and better control of the board. This board is a great choice for young adults and beginners too as they get more length for rolling around comfortably and can also do some random tricks.

The third variant of the penny board measures 33 inches and is generally considered the best choice for those looking for a better board feel and learning some more tricks. These boards are still light in weight as compared to proper longboards and yet are not less on support and comfort.

How To Pick The Right Penny Board?

If you are not sure about what to look for in a penny board, we will list out certain factors for you to examine the boards on their basis.

Decide Your Skating Goals

This is the first step that you take towards picking up the right penny board. You must know the purpose that you want to use the board and then choose the right variant accordingly. Penny boards are mainly meant for the simple job of casual skating and rolling around.

Know Your Style

If you are a rough user and like to do tricks too, then you must choose the right variant of these penny boards as they cannot handle a lot of pressure.

Check For The Material

The material of the board must be a good quality plastic that is crack resistant. Aluminum coated trucks are very durable and make the ride smooth with easy rolling.

Look For The Construction

The authentic penny brand has set some standards when it comes to the board’s construction and design. The bearings, wheels, truck width, board shape, and size must be carefully reviewed. The length of the board is the major factor that must match your skating and comfort requirements.

Plan A Budget

You must not overspend on these boards because, to be honest, the life of these boards is not too long as they can easily break when impacted with very high pressure. Also, you would not want to risk over-expenditure if things don’t work out. A cost-effective deal on penny boards can be the best bet to know your skating levels without any loss.

Can Beginners Use Penny Boards?

Beginners are usually very confused about picking the right skateboard. If you are a beginner and want to buy a penny board, let us tell you the pros and cons of it.


  • They are a cheaper and lighter alternative to longboards, which makes the initial learning cost-effective too.
  • You can learn the skating basics on these boards as well as some of the major tricks, like cruising and tight carving.
  • Some casual rolling around is easy with these boards that will help you get the confidence and hang of the concept.


  • It is slightly difficult to maintain stability and stance over these boards.
  • It is dangerous to ride over them on steep curves and at a fast speed.
  • You can only do the tricks that require constant touch with the ground.
  • The shape is too narrow to allow the best comfort.


Here are some common questions related to How much are penny board worthy of buying that you must ask yourself:

Q. Why are penny boards so expensive?

A. Some of you might think that penny boards are expensive given the intermediate features they possess. However, you must keep in mind that these boards are meant to cater to a specific set of skating goals and they are designed to provide the best performance accordingly. The pricing is done by taking into account the collective value of the parts fitted into the board.

Q. Where to buy penny boards?

A. You can buy penny boards from any local retailer shops or E-commerce platforms. Make sure to assess the products as per the guidelines given above and most importantly, keep your budget into consideration.

Q. How much are penny board worth?

A. Penny boards are usually available for a wide range of prices that start around $50 and can go as high as $100. If you are looking for penny boards cheap that have the best features, then the original penny can be the right choice for you.

Final verdict

If we had to make a pick for you in both penny board 27 inch and penny board 22 inch categories, we would recommend the WHOME 27 Inch Cruiser Skateboard and DINBIN Complete Plastic Cruiser Mini 22 Inch Skateboards. These two products offer the best in price deals in their respective categories and promise the best of performance when used rightly.

DINBIN skateboard can be the best gift you can make to your kids while the WHOME skateboard can be the best choice for beginners who want a complete skate set for trying out the advanced tricks. Both the products have the best features to meet all the specific cruising demands that penny boards are meant to provide like easy maneuverability, comfortable stance, and smooth carving.

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