15 Best Skateboard & Longboard Knee Pads Reviews

We know you love fast sports like skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX, mountain biking, and others but do you know that they involve a lot of impact forces acting along that make your body highly vulnerable to many injuries in face of accidents.


It is here that the protective gears like knee pads come to the rescue that not only keep your knees injury safe but also keep recovering knees safe.

To convince you to adopt this safety gear, we are going to review the 15 best skateboard knee pads and also provide a buyer’s guide to help you pick what’s best for you.

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Quick Comparison – 15 Best Skateboard Knee Pads

Top #1 Choice: JBM international Adult / Child Knee & Elbow Pads

“The best thing about this product is that you get a complete set of protective gear and that too at a budgeted price”

Product highlights:

  • Durable, soft EVA padded material
  • Adjust to fit
  • Elastic breathble
  • Impactable plastic

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#1. JBM international Adult / Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads

#1. JBM international Adult / Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads

#2. Kids Protective Gear SKL Knee Pads for Kids with Wrist Guards 3 in 1

#2. Kids Protective Gear SKL Knee Pads for Kids with Wrist Guards 3 in 1

#3. G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad(1 Pair)

#3. G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad(1 Pair)

#4. PHZ. Kids/Adults 3 in 1 Skateboard Protective Gear

#4. PHZ. Kids/Adults 3 in 1 Skateboard Protective Gear

#5. Triple Eight KP 22 Skateboarding Knee Pads (Pair)

#5. Triple Eight KP 22 Skateboarding Knee Pads (Pair)

#6. G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pad(1 Pair)

#6. G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pad(1 Pair)

#7. Pro-Tec Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set

#7. Pro-Tec Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set

#8. Triple Eight Covert Knee, Medium

#8. Triple Eight Covert Knee, Medium

#9. 187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Guard

#9. 187 Killer Pads Derby Wrist Guard

#10. 187 Killer Pro Knee Pads

#10. 187 Killer Pro Knee Pads

#11. Triple Eight Street Knee Pads for Skateboarding

#11. Triple Eight Street Knee Pads for Skateboarding

#12. JBM Presents Special Multi Sport Protective Gear

#12. JBM Presents Special Multi Sport Protective Gear

#13. 187 Killer Pads Fly Knee (Black, Medium)

#13. 187 Killer Pads Fly Knee (Black, Medium)

#14. 187 Pro Derby Knee Pad

#14. 187 Pro Derby Knee Pad

#15. 187 KILLER PADS Pads Pro Derby Pad

#15. 187 KILLER PADS Pads Pro Derby Pad

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Top 15 Skateboard Knee Pads Reviews

Here are the 15 best products we curated after thorough research based on advanced parameters.

#1. JBM Adult/Child Knee – Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 in 1 Protective Gear Set for Multi Sports

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Our first choice for the skateboard knee pads is this multi-gear set by JBM that not only has the amazing pads for the best security, but also the Elbow pads and wrist guards that ensure over-all security for you while you perform your best in any high action sport.

With all of these gears on, you can feel fully secured that will boost your confidence and make you ready for any sport like Skateboarding, inline roller skating, biking, cycling, and others.

The best thing about this product is that you get a complete set of protective gear and that too at a budgeted price.

The features of these will surely surprise you as they are amazing for the price offered.


  • Soft EVA padding for the best of comfort and security
  • High quality plastic plates inserted that increase the durability of the manifolds
  • Adjustable straps with elastics for providing stability and securer fit
  • Highly stretchable for the best custom and tight fit
  • Good for kids and adults alike with support for a range of knee girths


  • Some customers find it too small
  • Slightly uncomfortable due to un-breathability

#2. Kids Protective Gear SKL Knee Pads for Kids with Wrist Guards 3 in 1

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Another great protective gear set on our list, this product by SKL not only includes the best skateboard knee and elbow pads that are amazingly effective but also wrist guards to keep your wrists secured in case of an accident.

You will rarely find such deals that ensure complete security for multi-sports like Skateboarding, rollerblading, cycling, etc.

and that too in a balanced budgeted price.

These guards are the 3.0 version of the previous model of protective pads with advanced technological upscaling.

The price of this product is a deal like no other and this makes it the best guard set to buy for the learners as they tend to break their pads sooner than anyone.


  • Made with tough but soft EVA padding for best cushioning
  • Lined with soft cushion padding on the insides for a comfortable feel on the skin
  • High-quality plastic plates inserted that make them much durable and protective
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Best budget buy


  • Might be bigger for kids
  • Durability is compromised

#3. G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad

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If you want protective pads for your knees that are laced with the most advanced protection technologies, these pro-tec knee pads are the ones to go with without any second doubt.

Featuring smart secure technologies like the SmartFlex and allowing breathability with supreme fit are the mention-worthy qualities of this product.

The list doesn’t end here as a lot of detailing has been done in them to provide the best fit and impact absorption.


  • SmartFlex technology for allowing most flexible movement of legs without loosening out
  • Smart pads that absorb the impact waves as the body moves
  • Fabric with UPF 50+ compression for supreme breathability and dry fit
  • Dual panel build for a glove-like fitting
  • Frontal and sweat wick holes for better ventilation and dry comfort
  • Silicone gripper straps for secure and non-slippery fit around the knees
  • Superior protection with hardening pads upon impact


  • Durability is compromised
  • Might cause reactions on the skin

#4. PHZ Adult/Kids Knee – Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 in 1 Protective Gear Set

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This is yet another amazing protective gear set that will be the answer for all your safety requirements while you roll around on your skateboard, cycle, bike, rollerblades, BMX, scooter, or any other sports objects.

This set includes for the knees, elbows, and wrists to make you secured from head to toe and are all laced with the best of protection technologies.

Good for people with weight from 26-166 lb, any kid or adult can choose between the different sizes available and wear them easily.


  • EVA padding included that make it super soft and best at impact absorption
  • Polypropylene plastic plates keep the pad in shape even after impact
  • Adjustable straps allow custom and securer fit
  • They don’t slip off easily during impact due to the glue-grip formula
  • One year warranty for all the set items makes the deal much lucrative
  • Color options available


  • Might not work great for adults
  • Overall quality compromised

#5. Triple Eight KP 22 Heavy-Duty Skateboarding Knee Pads

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One of the best skate pads for adults in the market, this product does everything to live up to its name.

These knee pads by Triple Eight do a really heavy job of protecting your knees but does so highly effective, all thanks to the technology built and features.

Made specifically to meet all the requirements of safety during skateboarding, these pads give you the confidence to do any trick or go at any speed because they promise to keep away the impact from your knees in case of an accident.

The built of these includes a softly cushioned and impact-resistant cap for ultimate safety with no compromise when it comes to comfort.


  • Sleeveless pads for better breathability and easy wearing
  • Heavy cushioning of the EVA memory foam that gives the best impact protection
  • Knee cap with a flat design held strongly by attached rivets
  • Easy removal allowed with neoprene closure of the butterfly design
  • Secured and custom fit reinforced by the web elastic straps and loop-hook closures
  • Five sizes available to choose the best fit


  • Sizing description not accurate

#6. G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pad – Youth and Adult

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These elbow pads can easily be your choice if you wish to have the best elbow pads for skateboarding for they are made with the trademark G-form technologies for the best protection in any event of falling.

The best thing about them is the unique design that looks so trendy and will set you apart from the crowd when you will flaunt them.

However, you can choose to wear them under your clothing too, thanks to their low profile built and a snug fit that is certified unchanging.

You won’t have to worry about making any move or stretch while enjoying your favorite sport as these pads will move with you too without sliding off.

These pads are the lightest and you won’t feel any over the top presence on your arm while they protect and stabilize the elbow area.


  • Reactive Protection Technology or RPT that involves stiffening foam upon impact
  • Best protection with no compromise comfort too
  • Low profile allows custom wearing and the lightweight feels
  • Compression fabric base allows sweat evaporation for improved breathability
  • Ergonomically built to support a wide range of movements with full stability maintained


  • Useful only against minor injuries
  • Poor fabric quality

#7. Pro-Tec Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set

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Pro-Tec has been a renowned brand in the field of protective gear industry and has always been manufacturing quality products that promise the best protection to sports enthusiasts.

So if you want to get the best skateboard knee pads with the high-class industry standards and reliability, these pro-tec are the ones for you.

This is a combo set of protective gear including skateboard knee and elbow pads.

Both of the gears are made with high-quality materials that promise long-lasting protection that doesn’t restrict any movement whatsoever.

Don’t think that these pads will be low on comfortability quotient as the soft fabric allows breathability to complete coverage at the same time.


  • The fabric used in them is the high-quality neoprene that promises everlasting durability
  • EVA foam used in the cushioning cup to allow supreme impact protection
  • Interior portion lined with lycra material for stretchable and custom fit
  • Dual-support straps for keeping the pads in place and not slides off easily
  • Wrap fastening with loops and hooks for a glove-like fit
  • Certified best for people over the weight range of 50 kg


  • Straps tend to fall off easily
  • Overall quality is compromised

#8. Triple 8 Covert Knee Pads

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If you prefer comfort in everything, then these knee pads by Triple 8 can be the best choice to pick as they allow comfort in two ways- while wearing them and keeping them worn.

The entire TRP of this product comes from its easy pull-on Construction that allows the wearers to pull them on without any hassle and on the go.

Advertised as the slimmest knee brace by the brand, these pads truly are the perfect answer to any kind of protection requirement, be it a tough ride or a normal stroll around.

You can wear them for getting secured against any injuries in multiple sports like skateboarding, BMX, mountain biking, and others.


  • Pads with the sleeve design and easy pull-on built
  • Ultra-slim that provide the no-hassle protection
  • Super easy to wear and remove
  • Secure fit along with full freedom for any kind of movement
  • EVA padding for comfort and protection all along
  • Can be worn over or under clothes due to their low profile construct


  • Might fail to protect under hard impact
  • Stitching is not durable
  • Tend it slide off during higher movement

#9. 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guard

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Coming to our next product, our list of best knee pads for skateboarding would have been incomplete without the 187 skate pads that have been immensely popular among the sportspersons for a very long time.

Here we have the wrist guards by 187 killer pads brand that carry the same brand trust and promise of being one of the best protective gear.

Don’t mistake them to be any ordinary guard as they are constructed with the best of technologies like the angled fit, supreme material, and ergonomic fit.

The no-compromise fit of them means that they give protection, comfort, and movement freedom all at the same time.

Also, there are made to last for a long time, all thanks to their industry quality standard construction.


  • Snug fit around the hands due to the angled designing
  • Highly durable with ballistic nylon material and industrial weight-stitching
  • Thumbhole included for better palm hold
  • The custom-fit also prevents untimely wearing and impart longevity
  • Internal padding for impact protection and cushioned comfort
  • Thicker splints added for denser protection at lower portions


  • Not much durable under higher impact
  • Comfort is a compromised
  • Customer support is not good

#10. 187 Killer Pro Knee Pads

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Another gem in the series of awesome protective gears manufactured by the brand 187 killer pads, this one have made it to our list for the advanced features that they flaunt.

The best part is they are available in a huge variety of sizes so that anyone from children to adults can find their best size and be able to enjoy the supreme protection offered by them during any impact sports.

Another star feature of these 187 skate pads for knees is the advanced cushioning that makes them extremely resistant against any type of impact and not lose stability at all.

No other random product is going to offer you a combination of protection and comfort like these.


  • V-22 foam with dual density protective cushioning against a higher level of impacts
  • Locked In cap built for keeping the pads secured tightly at the right place and prevent sliding
  • Ballistic nylon material along with industrial weight stitches to impart durability
  • Interior lined with a soft fabric that allows sweat evaporation and a soft dry feel
  • Lightweight and low profile in appearance
  • Caps can be removed as per convenience
  • Low-maintenance


  • Might feel bulkier as against the description
  • Sizing description inaccurate

#11. Triple Eight Street Knee Pads

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Yet another product by the brand Triple Eight from their range of protective guards for skateboarding and other similar impact sports, these are the best longboarding knee pads are apt for protection for a variety of people including both kids and adults.

You can put them on while performing any sport like skateboarding, roller derby, roller skating, cycling, etc.

and be assured that your movements won’t be restricted at all.

The designing of them has so been done to allow easy put-on and removal as well as ensuring comfort all along.

You just need to have the right measurements to be able to choose from a range of size options available that are extra small to large.

A great thing about them is the attached 180-day warranty from the manufacturer that will surely lure you into the deal.


  • EVA foam padding with a contoured design for denser protection against multi impacts
  • Ergonomic fit that doesn’t slide off easily upon wider movements
  • Butterfly closure that facilitates hassle-free wearing and removing
  • Polyethylene plastic caps that absorb 80-90% of the shock waves at once


  • Price is higher for the features offered
  • The sizing description is inaccurate
  • Durability is compromised

#12. JBM Presents Special Multi-Sport Protective Gear Knee and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards

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Here is another complete protective gear set by the brand JBM that is like an upgraded version of the multi-sport guard set that we included in our list earlier.

The unique thing about this version is that it is highly focused on the factor of fitting and this is why many advanced technologies and features have been incorporated in all the three pads for the purpose.

The mention worthy feature is the presence of many straps that can be adjusted to get the right fit.

You don’t have to worry anymore if your measurements lie somewhere between the standard measurements as you can get the closest fitting pad and adjust it accordingly without having to compromise on protection and comfort.


  • Multiple straps that are highly elastic and can be adjusted till the right fit is achieved
  • Velcro closures reinforce the factor of fitting by securing at an adjusted position
  • Suitable for any knee girth as you can just pull the straps for glove fit
  • The tougher and durable material used in the design for the best impact resistance


  • Knee caps prone to easy cracking
  • Overall durability is not that great
  • Fitting could have been better

#13. 187 Killer Pads Fly Knee

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This is another protective guard from the huge range of 187 skate pads that have always been ensuring the perfect protection for skateboarders and players of other impact sports like biking, cycling, BMX, rollerskating, etc.

The best technologies have been incorporated in these products in the terms of their design and material that gives a no-compromise performance at all stages.

The best part is this one come for a much-budgeted price that is unbelievable for the features that are being offered.

They promise longer-lasting protection where you won’t have to keep getting newer replacements, all thanks to its nylon material woven together with dual industrial standard stitching.


  • Highly durable due to the ballistic nylon material used in the construction
  • Hard quality knee caps sustain any kind and intensity of impact
  • Neoprene material sleeve design imparts wrapper fit around the knees to prevent sliding
  • Double stitching done to prevent untimely wearing
  • Highly rigid that promote higher bending of the knees
  • Deep cap grommets and closed-back system for a securer fit


  • Feel uncomfortable and too tight
  • The plastic piece in the cap might wear off

#14. 187 Pro Derby Knee Pad

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As the name suggests, these knee pads also belong to the specific range of skate pads for adults designed for the game of Roller Derby.

This game has a lot more technique involved that increases the difficulties for the players.

Thus, they need to feel more confident during those tricks and moves and that largely comes from the feeling of being secured against mishaps.

These Pro Derby knee pads by 187 help to keep them secured for the same.

The primary focus of these is on a customized fit that facilitates the stability of the knees during any movement.

They don’t compromise on comfort at all while securing the knees as they promote sweat-wicking and give a dry feel on the skin.


  • Multiple Velcro straps attached that are highly stretchable and give the best custom fit
  • Pads fit like a glove yet remain high on the comfort quotient
  • Padding is sufficient in the knee caps to provide optimal shock absorption
  • The plates can be removed as per convenience
  • Durability is good with the nylon material construction
  • Low maintenance required as can be cleaned easily


  • Might cause skin irritation
  • Not good for harder impacts
  • Straps might fall off

#15. 187 KILLER Pro Derby Pad

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From the KILLER range of knee pads by brand 187, this product has been designed to meet the protection needs of Roller Derby players specifically as they have to play along with harder techniques more.

The technologies inserted in them are better than the previous model.

They give perfect protection with a high emphasis on fitting and freedom of movement too that makes it a package deal.

The amazing features of this one will surely make you want to get them at once.

The advanced FLEX hinge technology, low profile, denser padding, and groove fittings promise the best support for your knee even for those who are recovering from any previous injury and want to play with full confidence.


  • Rapid FLEX Hinge technology for full and restriction-free movement
  • Low profile built and much lighter in weight to facilitate custom wearing
  • Fusion groove channel that sticks the padding at the right position
  • Padding can be removed as per the convenience
  • Low maintenance braces that can be easily washed


  • Wrong product delivery by the manufacturer
  • Sizing inaccurate

A Buyer’s Guide For Picking

We think that it is also important that you must know some of the basics about knee protective gear as that will help you make the perfect purchase.

Let us deal with the related aspect for you in this section for the same.

What are the skateboard knee pads?

For all the skateboarding enthusiasts who are aware of the risks of high-speed action of this sport, the importance of protective gear for knees is unquestionable.

They have the function of forming a protective layer around the target area to keep it safe from bruises, scratches, or cuts during sports mishaps.

How do these knee pads benefit? Do they harm too?

Wearing knee pads has the following advantages:

  • Stabilized joints against false movements and injuries
  • Reduced body pressure on knees
  • Warm effect on knees for pain prevention
  • Significant health benefits like the alleviation of sprain, rheumatoid, arthritis, etc

However, it is advised to not wear them for longer times since they can have side effects too.

Here are some of the ways they can be harmful:

  • Diminishing of the workout benefit in the longer run
  • The warming effect can compress the patella more than required
  • Harmful effect on muscle strength and blood circulation

How To Choose The Right Skateboard Knee Pads?


Here are some factors that you must look for making a pick:

Type of knee pads

Every skater has different needs according to their style and age.

On that note, there are three types of skateboard pads that you can choose from:

  • Vert pads- Apt protection with best material and padding
  • Street pads- Suitable for adding style and comfort to the sport with average protection
  • Toy pads- For young learners with average protection

Fit and size of the knee pads

Always keep the right measurements of your knee ready and compare it with the standard size measurements to get the best fit.

Also, check the fit quality of the product to avoid easy sliding pads.


Check the quality of the plastic and fabric used in them that must be preferably polypropylene and nylon/neoprene respectively.

Elastic and Velcro straps also make pads durable and better fitting.


Buying good pads is important but you don’t need to lose a fortune for that.

What you get for what you are paying must be worth; thus, buy according to your budget.



Q. Do I need knee pads for skateboarding?

A. You are absolutely free to put on knee pads or not while skateboarding as per your choice.

However, we would highly recommend that you wear the protective guard as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Q. What are the best knee pads for skateboarding?

A. If you want the best skateboarding knee pads, then you can choose the ones by the brand 187 or Tripe Eight.

However, for complete protective gear sets that include pads for elbows and knees too, we would recommend JBM.

Q. How do you wear knee and elbow pads?

Here are some tips for wearing the protective guards rightly:

  1. Put on the knee pads while seated and knee bent.
  2. Keep the elbow bent too while putting on them.
  3. Don’t stretch the straps or closure too tight that it hurts.
  4. Read the instruction manual of the product for a custom fit with right wearing.

Q. Can you use volleyball knee pads for skateboard?

A.You can use volleyball pads for causal riding as they can only protect against minor impacts.

This is why skate pads are more preferable as their main aim is higher impact protection only that is never compromised in any model.

Q. Do you wear knee pads over or underpants?

A.It totally depends on the design of the knee pad that you are buying.

The ones with a low profile built can be worn under the pants or sleeve covers easily, whereas the ones with splints are a little tougher to fit inside clothes.

Q. How do I know my knee pad size?

A. It is very important to have the right measurements to get the best fitting knee pads.

Following are the measurements you need to do with a measuring tape-

  1. 6 inches above the knee cap middle point
  2. 6 inches below the knee cap middle point
  3. Around the above points

You can match these measurements with the standard size description and buy the right fit.

Q. Do you need elbow pads for skateboard?

A. This also depends upon your choice if you think you are prone to falling but can withstand the impact.

They still stand recommended as it is many times very difficult to remain stable during major falls and the impact force might transfer.

Q. How do elbow pads protect you?

A. The elbow pads absorb most of the impact waves and distribute the remaining portion equally across the arm to avoid major injury to the elbow.

Q. How can I make my knee pads bigger?

A. You can try this trick- Wash them, tie them a bit stretched somewhere, and then leave to dry.

If it works, you will have bigger knee pads that match your size.

Q. Is it OK to wear a knee brace all day?

A. You shouldn’t wear knee braces all day as they can harm your muscle built and impact the patella.

Q. How tight should MTB knee pads be?

A. The knee pads for MTB should have a snug fit which means that they shouldn’t either be too tight or too loose.


We would strongly recommend you to keep your knees guarded for remaining secured throughout your performance at your favorite sport practice.

If you ask us to make a pick, we would go with the JBM Adult/Child Knee & Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 in 1 Protective Gear Set for Multi-Sports as there can’t be a better deal than this product.

You get full protection for all the focal points of your body and that too without compromising on comfort and fit.

The variety of sizes and colors available can be chosen for an adult as well as kids.

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