Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding Review (TOP 8 CHOICES)


Safety gears have become an indispensable part of almost every sport due to their ever-changing nature and style. The sport of skateboarding is no different as there are a lot of tricks and styles involved in it that keep getting tougher with rising competition. If you are new to the world of skateboarding or polishing your skills, then safety is what will keep you going and it is here that the wrist guards for skateboarding will come to your help.

Read on as we review some of the best skateboarding wrist guards and also help your purchase them with a buyer’s guide.

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What Are The Best Skateboard Wrist Guards – Quick Comparions

#1. JBM international Adult Wrist Guards

#1. JBM international Adult Wrist Guards

  • Tough plastic plates 
  • Best protection for skating
  • Multiple adjustable elastic straps fit 
  • Appropriate for inline skating, riding bikes and scooters, etc
  • Fully safety relieve your injury
#2. Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

#2. Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsavers

  • Suitable for skateboarding, roller skating & snowboarding. 
  • Impact-resistant
  • Shock absorbing EVA foam
  • 4-way stretch nylon mesh
#3. Dakine Men's Wrist Guard (1 Pair), Black, X-Large

#3. Dakine Men's Wrist Guard (1 Pair), Black, X-Large

  • Designed for under your glove.
  • Strong, lightweight internal aluminum.
  • Quality and comfort.

#4. Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves

#4. Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves

  • Replaceable impact-resistant ABS splints
  • EVA shock absorbing foam layers
  • Maximum protection and support 
  • Adjustable hook and loop closures 
#5. Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves - Half Finger

#5. Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves - Half Finger

  • Durable
  • Heavy duty nylon thick 
#6. CTHOPE Impact Wrist Guard Protective Gear Support for Skating Skateboard

#6. CTHOPE Impact Wrist Guard Protective Gear Support for Skating Skateboard

  • Supports for both left and right hands.
  • Comfortable to wear,
  • Reduce impact.
  • Two adjustable nylon straps
#7. Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

#7. Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

  • Ergonomically designed splint 
  • Full wrap hook and loop fasteners
#8. Burton Adult Wrist Guards, True Black, Small

#8. Burton Adult Wrist Guards, True Black, Small

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Soft padding and easily adjustable
  • Unisex Sizing
  • Comfortably locked around your wrists.
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The Top 8 Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding

Have a look at these top eight wrist guards that we found after thorough research.

#1. JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards

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The very reason why this product is our top choice is that it is a complete set of protective gear that will keep you all covered. It has got elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads too.

The pads have got a very soft and durable EVA cushioning combined with the non-wearing plastic plates that give supreme protection. The soft polyester cloth lining on the insides will keep you rash-free. All the pads come attached with multiple straps that are highly elastic. These straps can be adjusted to get the perfect grip around that body part so that the pads don’t go sliding off easily.

These will not only protect you from any injury but will also help you recover faster as they allow you to play safely. No matter what level of player you are or what sport you are playing, these protective sports guards are going to be by your side. These guards are unisex as well as for both adults and young players.

There are two different sizes available for young and adult players. To choose the right size, be ready with the right measurements of the target body parts. There are five color options to choose from and flaunt a great sporty-fashion style.


  • Complete set of three protective gears for knees, elbows, and wrists
  • Soft and durable EVA padding
  • Tough plastic coating for better protection
  • Elastic straps that can greatly adjust to give the best grip
  • Breathable and soft inner lining
  • Multi-sport utility gear


  • Not a great fit for very young kids
  • Won’t last long in extreme skating

#2. Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist guards for skateboarding

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This is our next best product to rely on if you wish to possess the best wrist guards for skating that give you uncompromised protection and style. These are multi-sport accessories and can be worn by anyone.

There are two styles available. The first Wristsaver model comes with a strap closure in the butterfly design and three hook-loop sets for a superior and best-customized fit. The other model has a slide-to-wear fit, nylon mesh lining, and just one hook-loop set that aims at easy wearing. Both of these models are designed to meet the comfort and safety needs of wearers in the best possible way.

These guards incorporate high impact-resistant elements that give ultimate shock-protection, support, and dense closure. This is made possible with the changeable ABS splints and EVS cushioning on both sides of the gloves. The four-dimensional stretching of nylon mesh makes the guards breathable and comfortable.

This product comes with four sizing options that make the choice easy for adults, youth, and kids. Carefully check the measurements for each size and choose accordingly. The 180-day warranty from the manufacturer against any unduly wear and tear turns the product into a great steal deal.


  • Two standard models to suit the comfort and grip needs of wearers
  • Easy slide-on design that grasps on the wrist quickly
  • High-tech cushioning between the support splints
  • Supreme shock protection with the thick EVA padding
  • Snug-flit gloves with breathable mesh lining


  • Quality not as great as other products from the Triple 8 brand
  • Can tear up easily under excessive pressure
  • Limited warranty

#3. Dakine Wristguard

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If you have been looking for the best wrist guards for skating that can act as great additional support with the wrist gloves, then your search stops here. This wrist guard pair by Dakine is made for a low-profile utility that can give more support to the wrist when it comes to extreme sports. This can be a great help for all those people recovering from injuries to play fearlessly.

This product is made with 100% authentic and imported neoprene material. Now, this explains a lot about the flexibility of these protective guards as the neoprene material itself is known for its ability to remain flexible and chemically stable even under high temperatures. This synthetic rubber material also makes the wrist guards very durable.

The internal aluminum protection is another remarkable thing about this product that significantly advances its protection dimension. It gives a strong and tough grip around the wrist and yet feels very lightweight. The guard has a slip-on design for quick and easy wearing. Its straps can be pulled easily to make them fit better.

These wrist guards for skateboarding require very low maintenance and can be kept in good shape with mild hand washing. The standard black color doesn’t fade away or look dirty easily.


  • Tight fit style and slip-on easy wear guards
  • Supportive hook-loop cinches on the guards that allow high adjustability
  • Authentic neoprene material composure for supreme flexibility and stability
  • Inner aluminum construction for stern support and better grip
  • Light-weight feeling that does not compromise with comfort
  • Easy maintenance and suitable for hand wash


  • Inaccurate sizing description is the biggest problem
  • Safety is a bit compromised due to easy breakage under serious impact

#4. Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding Wrist Guard Gloves

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Here it is another great product from the brand Triple Eight on our list of the best wrist guards skateboarding that is surely going to meet all your expectations at affordable pricing. This is a dual safety product featuring the skateboarding gloves-cum-wrist guard technique that gives the promise of superior safety and best protection.

The top-quality grain leather on the target parts gives ultra protection against easy wear and tear. Plus, the neoprene material used in the straps makes them extra flexible and stretchable to give the best coverage. The EVA foam is known for its ultra shock-absorption properties and is used in the padding area.

The guards are made with double stitching to impart them with higher durability. Along with that, the secure and tight-fitting of the gloves is made possible by the use of hook-loop closures that can be adjusted as per the arm size and grip needs. The EZ loop can be pulled on to tighten the fit easily. The ABS splints are present on both sides of the gloves and are both removable as well as replaceable in case of heavy damage.

The overall impact resistance of the gloves is outstanding. This product is available in four different sizes that make it suitable for every age group among wearers.


  • Superior snug fit that covers the hand like another skin
  • Complete and best wrist protection with dual-guard technology
  • Better slide protection as well as maximum rollover allowed
  • EVA padding for a comfortable and breathable cushioning
  • Easily the best wrist guards for roller skating as well as Roller Derby


  • Gloves might feel a bit heavy
  • Overall quality needs improvement
  • Less supportive for the price

#5. Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves – Half finger

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The Hillbilly Wrist protection gear combines the functions of both the guard cover as well as hand gloves so that the wearer gets the best of comfort, mobility, and protection all at the same time. These gloves reach half of the fingers and make it possible for the wearer to do anything with their hands while sporting, along with a great grip that doesn’t slide off.

The gloves can be your choice for the best skateboarding wrist guards if you are looking for something that doesn’t wear off with heavy-duty usage. Additionally, the gloves-cum-wrist guard gives the promise of longer life with its highly durable construct and material. The goatskin leather material is used to make this glove, which is known for its toughness, light-weight, and water-resistance.

These gloves are woven together with nylon threads that enhance the durability further. Double stitching of the gloves protects them against easy wear and tear, even under heavy impact. Your wrist is going to remain stable even in the worst of falls.

Since these are half-finger gloves, the size has to be carefully chosen to get the best fit and grip. Measure the middle finger starting at the webbing till the fingertip, along with the adjacent finger. These measurements, along with the size chart of the brand, will help you determine the right size for yourself.


  • Work as both gloves and guard
  • Goatskin leather makes them highly comfortable and water-resistant
  • Double stitching of the layers gives superior durability
  • Half-finger gloves allow functionality freedom to hands
  • Made for heavy-duty usage


  • Product description about sizing is not accurate
  • Can restrict the mobility of the palm in some ways

#6. THOPER Impact Wrist Guard for Skating

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This is a uniquely designed wrist brace that surely meets all the requirements of becoming one of the best skate wrist guards for supreme protection of the wrists against fall injury during any impact sports activity. No matter what sport you are playing like skating, snowboarding, rollerblading, etc., this protective gear will give you the best support everywhere in activities where your arm is prone to injury.

The clasp-hold design of the gloves is the most remarkable feature as it facilitates free movement of the palm without compromising on the safety at any level. The gloves are open on the backside, which allows better breathability and comfort to the wearer in any kind of weather. Furthermore, they give a fuller yet freer support to the palm, allowing a wide range of finger and thumb movements.

The strong protection of the palm, along with wrists, is made possible with the plastic material bone shells present inside the guard that are highly impact-resistant. These ABS shells protect the hand from all sides and give comprehensive coverage. They are high-density elements that absorb the shocks and protect the hands from bruises. This is further reinforced by the EVA padding that exists between the support splints.

These gloves are designed with the strap closure built to give the best fit and tight grip to the wearer. The Velcro straps can be easily closed as well as adjusted to get the right fit.


  • Ergonomic design with full movement facilitation
  • ABS splints for high impact-protection
  • Supreme support and comfort with the thick EVA padding at the crucial points
  • Flexible and adjustable Velcro straps for the best fit
  • The breathable design makes the gloves suitable for all weathers


  • Overall protection needs improvement
  • Plastic is of poor quality that can break easily

#7. Pro-Tec Street Wrist Guards

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This product is easily one of the best street pads and wrist guards for electric skateboard offered by the brand Pro-Tec. Having additional support will give you a great boost of confidence and a feeling of supreme protection while trying those new moves or tricks on the board.

As is visible from the design and attached splints, these pads not only cover the wrist but also extend the coverage on both sides to cover the palm as well as some of the forearm to give enhanced support. The ergonomic design facilitates a better grip that is also made possible by the thumb hole. This allows the wearer to hold on to the pads better and the pads also don’t slide off easily out of the gloves.

These pads are made of supreme quality fabrics that impart high durability to them and protect them against unduly wear and tear. The nylon threads stitching makes the pads stronger further. The straps attached in the pads can be wrapped around and adjusted as per the arm girth size.

Since these pads are supportive gears, they can be worn by anyone. It’s a complete protection set that securely guards your wrist and arm against injuries during unexpected falls. You can wear it during any extreme sports activity like skateboarding, inline skating, biking, and others.


  • CE certification for use by the Level C riders in the weight category of 50kgs
  • Perfect for use in competition level sports of any type
  • Ergonomic design gives enhanced coverage as well as boosts protection
  • Wrapping straps that are adjustable for better grip
  • High-quality material and tight-knit construction for high durability


  • The plastic piece is thin enough to break off easily
  • Padding is negligibly effective

#8. Burton Adult Wrist Guards

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If you have been looking for the best skateboard wrist guards that can also be your best snowboard accessory, then this is the product. They will slide over your hand very easily and fit nicely under the snowboard gloves to give the top class security without making itself evident at all. These gloves have a sleek and low-profile construct that makes it a great supportive gear for additional protection.

These guards are made with 100% authentic polyester material that explains their high durability and strength. Both the top splints as well as hook-loop straps are highly flexible and can be adjusted as per the girth measurement for a strong grip. The Velcro closure straps add to the flexibility and adjustability of the gloves further as they can be adjusted to make the wrapping closer.

The soft padding on the palm side of the pads will give you wrists and arm protection for any heavy impact. The splints are tapered that evenly distribute the shock impacts to minimize injury in unforeseen falls. The additional closure straps can be adjusted too to get the guard come to the girth size.

The true black color of this product is great enough to make a style statement even when worn solo. The four available sizes can be worn by any sex. These guards also keep well with basic maintenance like machine wash and minimal care.


  • A great snowboard supportive accessory
  • Sleek design and low-profile construct to aim at additional protection
  • The polyester material used that makes the guards very durable
  • Flexibility is the mainstay of this product
  • Lightweight and comfortable padding to protect the palm


  • Overall quality is not that great
  • Sizing not true to description
  • Don’t fit under the gloves easily

Getting The Best Wrist Guards For Skateboarding- A Guide For The Buyers

It’s time that you learn the basics about the wrist gears to make a better buy.

What Are The Wrist Guards For Skateboarding?

The wrist guards primarily refer to the supportive gear for wrists that come with padding and splints to prevent injuries while falling in any extreme sport like skateboarding, rollerblading, etc. The hand becomes the first body part to resist the fall impact and this is where these guards become important to save them from sustaining injuries.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing These Wrists Guards?

The functioning of these gears gives the following advantages:

  • They keep the prone areas rigid and stable to prevent the shock from bending them.
  • They also help the distribution of body weight by easing the arms slide.
  • Your arm is protected against injuries like cuts, sprains, minor fractures, etc.
  • They keep you secure so that you feel more confident in doing tricks.

What Are The Different Types Of Wrist Protection Wear?

There is one for each requirement of all types of skateboarders.

  • Protection sliding gloves: These are the most common wrist gears among skateboarders as they can be used in multi-sports and offer supreme safety in all skateboard styles.
  • Gloves-cum-guard grist gears: These skateboard gloves are great for all levels of players and offer the best comfort and adaptability.
  • Standard Wrist guards: These gears focus on the protection of the wrists solely and can be used in all sports.
  • Anti gloves wrist guards: Preferred mostly by the professionals, these guards protect the wrists from all types of injuries.
  • Supportive wrist braces: These gears are meant for the injured skateboarders to provide stability and comfort to the recovering wrists.

How To Make The Right Choice?


Following are the things to look for while choosing the best wrist guards for skateboarding-

Know your sport style

The first step is to understand your gaming style that generates different needs for flexibility, protection, recovery safety, etc. Specific material and construction of the gloves are thereby incorporated and you can buy accordingly.

Safety quotient

No matter what level of player you are, safety is very important when it comes to high-impact sports like skateboarding. Carefully check all the features of the wrist guard and see if the protection being offered is in tandem with your gaming risks.

The material of the glove

Leather, neoprene, nylon, and Cordura are the most commonly used material in the best wrist guards skateboarding and anything other than these won’t come off the same durable, comfortable, breathable, and flexible.

Splint quality

This is the most important part of wrist guards that facilitates shock breakage and distribution to save or, at best, minimize injury. Therefore, it must be of high-quality material, accurate size, and fit into the strategic parts of the guard.

Grip and movement

The best guard will allow full movement to your hands while keeping the strategic parts stable and strong. To ensure this, do check for the flexibility, adjustability, and elasticity of the straps and the closure style of the guards.

Accuracy of size

Although all wrist guards for skateboarding come with adjustable components to provide better grip, you will still need to buy the closest possible accurate size glove so that you don’t have to make high adjustments all the time.

Your budget

You don’t need to burn your whole pocket when you can adjust to buy the best ones in your budget. No matter how promising these wrist guards look, they are always prone to wear and tear and you can’t buy a new pair every time.

Some FAQs

Q. Should I wear wrist guards skateboarding?

You may definitely want to wear them if you are a beginner or to remain more secured during tricks.

Q. Are wrist guards effective?

To a large extent, yes. They provide strength, stability, injury protection, and comfort to the wrists and other strategic arm areas.

Q. How do you wear wrist guards for skateboarding?

It depends on the design of the product. Generally, you put them on your wrists, close the wraps and tighten the adjustable belts as per your girth.

Q. Are wrist guards dangerous?

Technically, no. The only way they can prove dangerous is when putting on wrongly or when relied upon too much for careless falling.

Q. How can you prevent injuries in skateboarding?

Here are some tips for it:

  • Wear the guards securely.
  • Fall in the right way.
  • Avoid any carelessness.

Q. How do you fall off a skateboard?

Any misbalancing during the high speed of skateboards while going downhill, curves, or tricks can lead you into a crash and fall.

Q. How do you make a wrist guard?

You can wrap a thick cloth layer around your wrist, adjust and secure splints on it at the right place and then tape all over it to make a DIY wrist guard.

Q. How can you prevent a wrist fracture?

Forward falls are the worst factor for wrist fractures and you must avoid them unless you know how to take them.

Q. Do wrist braces help with carpal tunnel?

Yes, as the braces keep wrists in a straight and neutral position to prevent any pressure due to bending.

Q. What is the most common skateboard injury?

Wrist and arm injuries occur most frequently to the people that fall off the skateboards.

Q. Is heat or ice better for carpal tunnel?

An ice bath is the better treatment in the carpal tunnel as it eases the nerve pain quickly.


We strongly recommend that you wear the best wrist guards for skateboarding to remain safe and secured and follow caution along with the right techniques of the sport.

If you ask us what are the best wrist guards for skateboarding, we will pick the JBM Adult/Child Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 in 1 Protective Gear Set for you. As consumers, you would want the most for your investment and this product makes sure to get you the best protection for your wrists, elbows, and knees. This product meets all the requirements of a great wrist guard and is definitely a steal deal in the price offered.

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