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Bickford Bumrush

by Will Jivcoff For the entirety of Toronto’s skate history, Bickford has been a destination for the locals and people passing through the city. On July 21, we rushed the spot with a massive crew and a $1500 cash purse courtesy of Vans to see who was willing to go the extra mile and throw down […]

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The Eurasia Project – Visual Traveling

by Will Jivcoff Patrik Wallner is the mind behind Visual Traveling – a video series dedicated to documenting skate-travel in places lesser traveled by our type. In celebration of the series’ 10-year anniversary, Patrik is putting out a 232-page book and taking it on an exhibition tour. Save the date – you don’t want to miss […]

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Állatkert with Brett Nichols

by Will Jivcoff Words + Video by Brett Nichols Állatkert documents my travels in Central and Eastern Europe, which occurred only because the skateboarding world is such a small one. I went with the intention of being a tourist, but knew my cameras and skateboard needed to come, even if the plan was not definite. In Minsk, Belarus, […]

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Visual Traveling with Patrik Wallner

by Will Jivcoff Patrik Wallner has been running amok for the last decade. Under the moniker ‘Visual Traveling’ he’s been zig-zagging around the world in search of skateboarding in the unlikeliest of places. Afghanistan, Cuba, India, Myanmar, Madagascar, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Vietnam – the list goes on and on. Where the obvious choice in the skateboard […]

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Behind the Lens with Blake Myers

by Joel Watamaniuk In a time where HD clips can appear identical or devoid of a distinguishable style, Blake Myers applies his journalistic point of view mixed with his commercial techniques to reels and reels of film. His honest, simplistic story telling and well-composed pieces are what keep us waiting to see what he’ll produce next. […]

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Mindset Over Everything with Joshua Bos

by Will Jivcoff Words & Photography: Will Jivcoff Joshua Bos is a low-key dude, one who prefers the slow pace of small town living to the big city. His skating however, is at home in any environment. Since debuting in Jeremy Elkin’s ‘Lo-Def(2008)’ video, Joshua has kept busy with a steady production of self-motivated parts alongside his […]

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Bidding Farewell to The Wig

Detroit is going through expansive change. Decades of crime, poverty and other woes that have plagued the city and it’s reputation are slowly coming undone as the city gentrifies at a speed most residents thought they would never see. Caught up in the mix is Detroit’s beloved DIY park, The Wig. Situated at an abandoned community […]

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The Inner Workings of Tokyo 2020

Skateboarding is growing fast and heading in the direction of Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic games – the first time for skateboarding to be listed as an Olympic sport. Naturally, there are tons of questions and a bit of mystery surrounding this development.   We’ve gotten bits of info from interviews with team captains from Germany […]

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Tubsy’s Euro POV

Hey, my name’s Una Farrar and I’m from Victoria, Canada. I recently had the chance to travel to some pretty amazing places with a group of equally amazing people, so let me tell you a little bit about it. Initially, our summer Europe trip was based around two contests: Copenhagen Open in Berlin, Germany, and Malmö […]

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Words & Photography by: Aymeric Nocus At the dusk of this decade, it seems like skateboarding is juggling with two facets: its mainstream portrayal, when put on display for commercial purposes – a representation many actual skateboarders have grown tired of, and feel disconnected to; and the form of its actual, raw practice by its most […]

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