Tubsy’s Euro POV

Hey, my name’s Una Farrar and I’m from Victoria, Canada. I recently had the chance to travel to some pretty amazing places with a group of equally amazing people, so let me tell you a little bit about it. Initially, our summer Europe trip was based around two contests: Copenhagen Open in Berlin, Germany, and … Read more


by Will Jivcoff Words & Photography by: Aymeric Nocus At the dusk of this decade, it seems like skateboarding is juggling with two facets: its mainstream portrayal, when put on display for commercial purposes – a representation many actual skateboarders have grown tired of, and feel disconnected to; and the form of its actual, raw … Read more

In the Square with Alexis Sablone

by Will Jivcoff in Interview When it comes to DIY spots, the aspect I appreciate most is going from concept to physical product. As a consequence of planning, likely skipping the permit process, mixing concrete and building it, getting to skate and share your creation is something very personal. When I came across Alexis’ new … Read more

Shred Palestine


Story by Maen Hammad Photography by Will Jivcoff It is not the number of skaters that makes what is happening here in Palestine truly remarkable, but rather, their trajectory. After a decade long hiatus in white-suburban America, I returned to my homeland in 2014 and was introduced to the skate scene in Palestine. I encountered—by … Read more


by Justin Bohl I often get asked how I came to be in the position of skate host and tour guide for people visiting Detroit. Regardless of how many times this question arises, I always struggle to answer. The role was never something I was seeking out or hoping to do. By chance, I ended … Read more

Resilience in Trying Times with Ben Hermans


By Will Jivcoff in Interview If you’ve traveled to a country where skateboarding has had limited exposure, there’s an unmistakable look on a local kid’s face when they borrow your board and discover the feeling of riding around for the first time. Ben Hermans is part of an international community of skatepark builders who recognize … Read more

In Design with Paul Kwon + Andrew Reynolds


It’s not difficult to understand why skateboards have remained roughly the same over the past 30+ years. Seven plies of maple and polyurethane just works. While they’ve come in various shapes, sizes and responded slightly different, they’ve stayed relatively unchanged through wild innovations like carbon ply inserts, wheels with air cores, rotating truck axles and … Read more

Just Cruise – Magenta Skateboards


From Magenta Skateboards ‘Filmed over the course of a summer in Bordeaux & Paris by Sprinkles magician Zach Chamberlain, who made the trip alongside Ben Gore, Glen Fox, Jimmy Lannon, Zach Lyons, Koichiro Uehara, Carlos Young, Connor Kammerer, Takahiro Morita & plenty more friends from France and beyond. We all piled up in our small … Read more

Chris Thiessen Interview


The rise of independent brands is bringing skating back to its roots as a subversive subculture. This transition has opened the industry’s doors to new board and shoe companies, turned low-key shredders into household names and ushered in a new era of film makers that have become their own brand – Chris Thiessen is one … Read more