by Will Jivcoff

Skate trips can put your mental wellbeing through the proverbial meat grinder. There’s a lot of self-imposed expectation for yourself and Mother Nature to cooperate to a high standard on demand and if they don’t….well we all know the feeling.

Heading to an island smack-dab in the middle of the Atlantic ocean is not just risky, but the weather is guaranteed to frustrate you even a little bit. In the case of Taryn Ward and this gang, it was nothing short of back-to-back-to-back days of damp island weather and somber moods.

Judging by the footage, you’d never guess that was the situation for these boys. Take a look through Hideaway, a new 4 minute piece featuring Alex Furtado, Adam Kerrick, Jonny Goupil and Japhey Dow as they explore Sao Miguel Island, Azores for 10 days.

Film+Edit: Taryn Ward

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