How Much Does It Cost For A Good Skateboard?

Choosing the right skateboard for purchasing can be quite tricky, especially if you are new to the field and game and want to know how much does a good skateboard cost.

Apart from specifications and variants, there are some recurring costs that you will have to consider as well.

If you are a beginner, it is understandable that you will feel the adrenaline and the rush of purchasing the best skateboard the market has to offer.


How much does it cost for a good skateboard? If you are also looking for an answer, you have come to the right space.

The average price of a skateboard is influenced by a lot of different factors, ranging from the manufacturing brand to the customization options; with all these factors in the mind, your budget will be largely affected if you want to know how much does a decent skateboard cost.

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Types Of Skateboards

How much does it cost to buy a skateboard; the budget will be determined by the way you purchase your board.

This means that if you buy the entire set of the board, it would actually be cheaper than you would have anticipated.

However, if you choose to customize your skateboard, you will have to shell out more or less money, depending on your customization choices.

Apart from knowing the price of skateboards, it is equally important that you choose the right one.

The two main types of boards you will see in the market today are:

Verts Or Street

This is the most common type of skateboard that you would normally see around the streets.

These boards are mostly used by beginners for practice purposes.

These boards tend to stick around for a long time because they are made for all-round routines, depending on the tires you install.

The average skateboard price can range between $70 and $200.


Classics like the Cruiser boards have been designed for, as you have guessed, cruising around.

In most cases, these boards are fitted with kicktails too.

Due to this, Classics are mostly made for cruising around and not a good choice if you are looking for something to practice your routines and tricks.

Depending on the designs and the brand, these boards can cost anywhere between $60 and $400, if you are wondering how much does skateboards cost.

Retrospec Complete Cruiser Skateboard

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Just like the Classics, Longboards are not made for tricks and routines.

However, they are great choices if you are a beginner.

Additionally, these boards have been designed for downhill racing and transportation.

Mostly, longboards can cost between $60 and $500, depending on the specifications, designs, and the brand.

For instance, ChromeWheels Skateboard is a great choice if you are looking for a decent longboard.

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How Much Does A Decent Skateboard Cost?

So, how much does a new skateboard cost? If you look around and simply wait for good deals, you will be able to save a lot of money.

On average, a typical complete skateboard can cost anywhere between $70 and $150, depending on the quality of the board and customizations.

For instance, you can save a lot of money simply by purchasing blank boards; the quality of this board is as good as a printed one.

If you are smart about the choices you make, you will be able to save a lot of money on your skateboard and know how much is a skateboard worth.

Building Your Own Skateboard

Of course, you can buy a brand-new board if you know how much is a new skateboard.

If you are a professional or have the question ‘why are skateboards so expensive,’ you can choose to build your own skateboard.

This will allow you to insert a lot of personal custom ideas and designs.

Of course, picking out the parts can become a bit expensive than buying a pre-assembled unit; however, you will get to decide the budget by yourself.

Here are the parts that you need to look for if you want to know the answer to ‘what should I get for my first skateboard’:

LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks

LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks

VJ Skateboard Trucks

VJ Skateboard Trucks

LOSENKA 52mm Skateboard Wheels

LOSENKA 52mm Skateboard Wheels

Bones Skateboard Bearings

Bones Skateboard Bearings

Last update on 2024-02-25 // Source: Amazon Affiliates

Skateboard Deck

How much is a good skateboard? In most cases, decks tend to be similar in prices.

While there are multiple skateboard brands in the market today, you will only find a handful of companies that only sell the decks.

Some decks are plain while others are designed.

Decks also include coatings like fiberglass, carbon, etc.

for more durability and shine.

The prices of the deck will depend on a lot of factors like:

  • Material
  • Thickness, length, and width
  • Graphic design
  • The technology used to create the deck

How much does a skateboard deck cost? On average, decks should not cost you more than $50.

For this price, you can pick up the one with a nice design.

Or if you already are an artist, you can pick out the cheaper blank boards, which costs about $25-$30; you can throw in your designs later.

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Skateboard Trucks

The trucks of the skateboard are something that you should not cheap out.

Trucks tend to be expensive, which is why you will only receive the best-quality ones.

Cheaper trucks can cost about $25.

However, the problem with these cheap trucks is that they tend to break, sooner than later.

It is recommended that you go for a reputable brand that delivers the best trucks.

Just the basic ones will do; there is no need for you to buy hollow or fancy titanium trucks.

Good quality trucks should cost you about $30-$35.

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Skateboard Wheels

The wheels you will fix on your skateboard all have different prices.

The rates of the wheels vary because of the quality of the polyurethane (plastic).

For the most expensive one, the prices can go up to $50, while the cheaper ones should cost you about $20.

If you are a beginner, it is fine to opt for cheaper wheels.

Wheels on this price range can easily last for up to six months, on average.

Most of these wheels offer a smooth ride and a good choice for transition, cruising, and street; however, these wheels do not excel in any of them specifically.

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Skateboard Bearings

The prices of the bearings can range from $15 to $200.

You can opt for the cheaper ones; they will last for a long time if you maintain them properly.

Hence, it is okay if you buy cheap bearings since you will always get a decent quality.

You must clean them every season and lube them to get the best out of them.

On average, bearings can last you for more than five years, if you can take care of them.

Remember to keep them dry and away from moisture.

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Visit here if you want to know how bearings work.

Some other items that you need to look for include some hardware like bolts (to attach your trucks to your deck) and grip tape; the good news about grip tape is that most stores tend to give them away for free if you buy all the above-mentioned parts from them.

You can also buy spacers ($2) to protect the bearings from dirt and friction.

What is the average cost of a custom skateboard? It should not be more than $150-$200 if you build it from scratch.

So, is it cheaper to build a skateboard or buy a complete? Yes, building a skateboard is much cheaper than purchasing a pre-made one.

To understand the working of a skateboard, you can watch this video.

Is it Okay To Buy A Used Skateboard?

You are a beginner and want to understand the feel and thrill of skateboarding, you can look for used skateboards for sale.

This is important if you want to know whether skateboarding is your cup of tea or not.

In most cases, you can buy decent used skateboards for under 80$ near your local physical store or online, if you want to know how much is a complete skateboard.

Second-hand skateboards are a good way to learn skateboarding without having to spend a lot of money.

You can try out all tricks and techniques on the used board before you start your skateboarding career with a new one.

However, it is highly suggested that you take the skateboard out for a test run before buying it.

At most, you might have to replace small parts like the bearings or the wheels; small tinkering here and there will make the board as good as new.


Is skateboarding expensive? Overall, skateboarding does not have to be an expensive experience.

It will often depend on how aggressively you skate.

Replacing the deck is quite costly; hence, always look for decks that can handle rough usage.

It will only benefit you in the long run and help you understand how much skateboards cost.

Of course, the prices of the skateboards will ultimately depend on the type you choose.

If your board is fitted with the best fixtures and designed impeccably, it will be costly.

Or, you can save some money by purchasing skateboards with a plain deck.

Crafting your skateboard from scratch is also a cheap option.

Ultimately, it will all come down to your personal preferences.

If you have any queries related to this topic, you can leave them below in the comment section.

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