Is It Easier To Ride A Skateboard Or Longboard? – A Guide For The Beginners

Is it easier to ride a skateboard or longboard? Which one should you choose as a beginner?


Is It Easier To Ride A Skateboard Or Longboard

If you have just entered the skating world, then you must be struggling with all these questions.

Skateboarding and Longboarding have been a very popular sport ever since they were launched in the 1900s and have evolved by accumulating different tips and tricks. The answer to the main question depends upon your goals and which of the two boards will work for their realization. Like I prefer a skateboard since I find it great for various activities and tricks.

In this article, I will tell you which on you can choose for yourself. So, let’s learn more about skateboards and longboards.

About skateboard

The skateboards appeared first in the 1950s and used to have a significant length back then. They have a smarter size and also less weight to facilitate the main purpose that they are built for, performing tricks or traveling. Their main features include:

Composed of solid wood

Small in size (length of around 30 inches and width of around 7 inches)

Small and harder wheels

Gain acceleration faster

Portable and easy to store

Universal shape with upward-curving edges

Skateboard mainly serves these skating goals:

To learn skatepark tricks and street moves

Better agility and quick movement through narrow spaces

Some of the popular skateboarding styles include-


Mini Ramp





About longboard

The longboards were designed by the sports enthusiast to bring in more convenience for the riders of the original skateboards through a full board. They serve a variety of skating purposes and are very versatile. Their main features are as follows:

Made out of flex wood

Big in size (length varies between 22-48 inches and width of around 9 inches)

Bigger trucks and roller skating wheels

Accelerate slower

Long and narrow decks

Numerous shapes and sizes

You can pick a longboard for these skating goals:

Casual riding

Long-distance commute

Learn the classic skating tricks

Fast riding

These are some popular longboarding styles-






Picking the better board

To know that Is it easier to ride a skateboard or longboard, you can compare the features of the two boards. As an easy result, longboard gets the upper edge here due to the following reasons:

You can do the basic styles of skating- braking and cruising with a longboard which is essential for learning.

Riding a longboard gives the initial confidence and helps to get hold over the tricks.

They move faster and can be controlled easily.

You can adjust the learning at your own pace and find a comfortable stance.

Longboards are safer too with less risk of injury upon falling.

To decide the winner of skateboard vs longboard depends majorly upon the rider goals. The skateboard is easily established to be a better option for the people who have already had some experience with the riding. They are the best for learning the tricks and you can take the help of the relevant videos for it. You can start with the skateboards too but it is quite risky to learn the basics over this board.

Making a better choice- longboard vs skateboard for beginners

Now if you are a beginner, then you would want to go with the easier out of the two sports in the discussion. Balance is the key before you move on to jumps and this is why longboard becomes the better and right option for the beginners. Let’s discuss some related aspects.

Better learning

Going by the expert recommendations, you must learn the basic riding moves before going for the trickier ones and the longboard will facilit