Bickford Bumrush


by Will Jivcoff For the entirety of Toronto’s skate history, Bickford has been a destination for the locals and people passing through the city. On July 21, we rushed the spot with a massive crew and a $1500 cash purse courtesy of Vans to see who was willing to go the extra mile and throw … Read more



They’ve got control, style and finesse. The next gen of Toronto skateboarding is here, and they’re hungry! Featuring Nico Labbe, Christopher Kuitenebrouwer, Adam Matthews, Jasper Stieve, Will Cohen, Harry Brewer, Aaron Jones, Tyler Pearson-Mallin and Justin Fabus Film by Adam Banks: Follow me on Instagram: @adamkbanks

Giddy #06


by Will Jivcoff Romain Batard brings us another proper Giddy episode packed with a heavy line-up to compliment his usual filming and editing. Featuring Rémy Taveira, Felipe Bartolome, Oscar Candon, Joseph Biais, Roger Gonzalez, Mickaël Germond, Alastair Pathé, Charles Giron, Edouard Depaz, Denis Lynn, Morgan Katomba, Lilian Fev, Roland Hoogwater, Danny Sommerfeld, Martino Cattaneo, Guillaume … Read more

Echoes from the Road – Ep.4


by Will Jivcoffin Antiz Skateboards concludes their epic road trip in episode 4 of Echoes from the Road. Featuring Gabriel Engelke, Samuel Partaix, Remy Taveira, Peter Molec, Yeelen Moens, Robin Bolian, Mickael Germond, Pepe Tirelli, Quentin Boillon, Samu Karvonen, Roland Hirsch, Thanos Panou, Victor Pellegrin, Teemu Pirinen, Michel Mahringer, Uryann Raudet and Julien Bachelier. Directed … Read more

Dan Mancina at The Compound


by Will Jivcoff A couple weeks ago The Compound Skatepark and Ninetimes held a workshop for the visually impaired. This type of community work is genuine and we’re big fans of what’s going on here so hats off to everyone involved in this project. “On an extremely cold Friday in February, Dan Mancina brought his … Read more


by Will Jivcoff Good times, great tunes and a cast of some of our favourite skaters. In memory of Dillon Ojo. Etienne Gagne, Landon Avramovic, Dylan Fulford, Antosh Cimoszko, Jacob Lavelle, Greg Papove, Calen Knauff, Connor Neison, Kader Sylla, Leon Chapdelaine, Riley Boland, Dustin Henry and Ty Peterson. Film+Edit: Jake Kuzyk Lower from Jake Kuzyk on Vimeo. Follow us … Read more


by Will Jivcoff Dane Barker already came through with one ripping part for Lotties Skateshop this year and he’s back for round two in ‘DANE!’ Fuck it, we’ve posted both of them below so you don’t get caught slipping next time Dane comes up in conversation. Filmed by Daniel Wheatley. Dane! (Art By Mike Gigliotti) from Daniel … Read more

Vans Chima Pro 2

by Will Jivcoff Vans’ All-New Chima Ferguson Pro Model Debuts This Spring Featuring Lightweight UltraCush Lite 3D Impact Cushioning at its Best Too strong for just any one type of skating, Vans presents an all-new signature pro model from Sydney’s finest skateboarder, Chima Ferguson. Available worldwide this Saturday, February 10, the enhanced Chima Pro 2 … Read more