Jeff Srnec for Love Skateboards


by Will Jivcoff We scratch our heads when we get ‘throw away’ footage like this but in the end, it’s a reminder of why we appreciate skateboarders’ pickiness and the footage they ultimately choose to put out. That’s not to say it’s not a frustrating concept for whoever’s editing the video, but that’s another topic. … Read more

The Eurasia Project – Visual Traveling


by Will Jivcoff Patrik Wallner is the mind behind Visual Traveling – a video series dedicated to documenting skate-travel in places lesser traveled by our type. In celebration of the series’ 10-year anniversary, Patrik is putting out a 232-page book and taking it on an exhibition tour. Save the date – you don’t want to … Read more


Bryggeriet is proud to present DORKZONE, a film by English illustrator Mike O’ Shea and Irish filmmaker Phil Evans. The film follows Amandus Mortensen as he watches Malmö transform into a trippy universe populated by animated cartoon characters who appear to be leading him to a special place. Along the way Amandus encounters his brother … Read more


by Will Jivcoff Skate trips can put your mental wellbeing through the proverbial meat grinder. There’s a lot of self-imposed expectation for yourself and Mother Nature to cooperate to a high standard on demand and if they don’t….well we all know the feeling. Heading to an island smack-dab in the middle of the Atlantic ocean … Read more

Skate Clip

by Will Jivcoff 2+ minutes of high speed Nik Stain footage backed up by a heavy crew. It’s what you need today. Featuring: Nik Stain, Genesis Evans, Stu Kirst, Hugo Boserup, Andrew Wilson, Max Palmer, Cyrus Bennett, Alex Olson, Cruz Mendez, Nolan Benfield, Rowan Zorilla, Bag, John Franco, Caleb Barnett, Javaris Williams and Vincent Touzery … Read more


by Will Jivcoff Adam Bos’ videos are never short on choice spot and trick selection.’STEEL’ is his latest offering featuring a mash-up of skateboarding from the Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston and Rochester areas. Featuring Joshua Bos, Dylan Barnes, Ryan Desroches, Joe Yates, Evan Hay, Jake Bos, Japhey Dow, Taryn Ward, Evan Dow, Adam Kerrick, Adam Bos, … Read more

House of Vans Calgary

by Will Jivcoff The House of Vans went off in Calgary this past weekend and it was, without a doubt, a total jam. The gang really embraced their Cowtown hosts and got into character. Yes, there was Caesartinis. Yes, there was a faux hot tub incorporated into the best trick. And hell yeah MC Conor … Read more

Service – Studio Skateboards

by Will Jivcoff Studio Skateboards’ latest offering – Service – featuring Joey Larock, Andrew McGraw, Jai Ball, Bryan Wherry, Kyle MacDonald, Zander Mitchell and Brett Weinstein Film: Eric Lebeau Edit: Jai Ball SERVICE promo from Studio on Vimeo. Follow us on Instagram: @studioskateboards @lazypaparazzi @mediumskatemag

Állatkert with Brett Nichols

by Will Jivcoff Words + Video by Brett Nichols Állatkert documents my travels in Central and Eastern Europe, which occurred only because the skateboarding world is such a small one. I went with the intention of being a tourist, but knew my cameras and skateboard needed to come, even if the plan was not definite. … Read more

Mother – Quasi Skateboards

by Will Jivcoff The long-anticipated Quasi Skateboards video, ‘Mother’, is finally here. Absolutely solid from top to bottom – quality filming and editing, choice spot selection and the ams came out swinging. Featuring Justin Henry, Tyler Bledsoe, Josh Wilson, Jake Johnson, Al Davis, Dick Rizzo and Gilbert Crockett Follow us on Instagram: @quasiskateboards @mediumskatemag