by Will Jivcoff Words & Photography by: Aymeric Nocus At the dusk of this decade, it seems like skateboarding is juggling with two facets: its mainstream portrayal, when put on display for commercial purposes – a representation many actual skateboarders have grown tired of, and feel disconnected to; and the form of its actual, raw … Read more

Jungle – Mexico City

In the jungle, anything goes. To the outsider taking their first steps into it, it appears chaotic, disorderly and dangerous, yet seemingly works in harmony with the local population. Enter Mexico City. It’s densely packed, hectic and lush with flora like cactus, agave and palm trees that shoot out from every crevice, cracking the concrete … Read more

Dying to Love

Staying true to their MO, the Love gang has been busy digging for new spots in their stomping grounds of Kitchener, Toronto and Detroit but still taking time to venture into lesser charted territory in search of some crust, rust and the odd street boat. Love Skateboards’ 4th video, ‘Dying to Love’ features Jeff Srnec, … Read more


KOOK is a new video coming from the Timebomb camp and they’ve got a heavy list of dudes coming through for it. Featuring Drew Summersides, Dillon Moore, Michael Ray, Alexis Lacroix, Skylar Kehr, Keiran Zimmerman and hella more. Video by Tyler Holm Follow us on Instagram: @tyler_the_destroyer @timebombtrading @mediumskatemag



Dweeb’ is filmed by Jordan Wiens and is a culmination of footage from Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto featuring Dan Belanger and Bryan Barbier. When we pressed Jordan about the motivation behind Dweeb he said, ‘I made this in hopes of sparking people to film a bigger project next year.’ It’s the same story in any … Read more


From almost as far West as you can get in Canada, the gang from Victoria, British Columbia brings you Pinner. Featuring Pierce Mckay, Carter Spinks, Dylan Timmins and a gang of other heads. Video by Braeley W. Follow us on Instagram: @braeleyw @goodnewsskateshop @mediumskatemag

A Good Initiative – Azores

Like the beginning to any good adventure, the idea of heading to Sao Miguel Island in the Azores was attractive yet precarious. First, the island is still fairly uncharted in the mainstream skateboard world. This of course is the ultimate goal when seeking out a new place to skate but tough when you don’t have … Read more

Wide Open


by Will Jivcoff Joshua Bos is one of our all time favourites. Quite frankly, we think he’s one of the best doing it in Canada, all whilst flying under the radar and getting minimal love. For the audience that appreciates him, they know. With all that said, we think it’s pretty great that Politic recently … Read more

In the Square with Alexis Sablone

by Will Jivcoff in Interview When it comes to DIY spots, the aspect I appreciate most is going from concept to physical product. As a consequence of planning, likely skipping the permit process, mixing concrete and building it, getting to skate and share your creation is something very personal. When I came across Alexis’ new … Read more