Bidding Farewell to The Wig

Detroit is going through expansive change. Decades of crime, poverty and other woes that have plagued the city and it’s reputation are slowly coming undone […]

***pretty lady***

Introducing Proper Footwear, a new core shoe company based out of Portland, Oregon. The mind behind these simply-made shoes is ex-Nike SB designer, Shawn Baravetto, […]

The Inner Workings of Tokyo 2020

Skateboarding is growing fast and heading in the direction of Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic games – the first time for skateboarding to be listed […]

Tubsy’s Euro POV

Hey, my name’s Una Farrar and I’m from Victoria, Canada. I recently had the chance to travel to some pretty amazing places with a group […]


by Will Jivcoff Words & Photography by: Aymeric Nocus At the dusk of this decade, it seems like skateboarding is juggling with two facets: its […]

Jungle – Mexico City

In the jungle, anything goes. To the outsider taking their first steps into it, it appears chaotic, disorderly and dangerous, yet seemingly works in harmony […]

Dying to Love

Staying true to their MO, the Love gang has been busy digging for new spots in their stomping grounds of Kitchener, Toronto and Detroit but […]


KOOK is a new video coming from the Timebomb camp and they’ve got a heavy list of dudes coming through for it. Featuring Drew Summersides, […]


Dweeb’ is filmed by Jordan Wiens and is a culmination of footage from Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto featuring Dan Belanger and Bryan Barbier. When we […]