Wide Open

by Will Jivcoff

Joshua Bos is one of our all time favourites. Quite frankly, we think he’s one of the best doing it in Canada, all whilst flying under the radar and getting minimal love. For the audience that appreciates him, they know. With all that said, we think it’s pretty great that Politic recently gave him the nod into the pro ranks too. Congratulations Josh!

Now, sit back and enjoy Wide Open, a new short and sweet clip from Adam Bos. If you know his edits, you know they’re chock full of quality spot selection, skateboarding and zero fluff.

Featuring: Dave Caddo, Zach Dykes, Evan Dow, Japhey Dow, Caleb Lilly, Jake Bos, Adam Bos and Joshua Bos

Film + Edit: Adam Bos

wide open from Adam Bos on Vimeo.

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