As the rider, I have a passion for speed, I want to learn Cycling, Longboards, BMX Bike, Rollerblades,… and for sure, Skateboarding. This is where I share my experience with the skateboarding, choosing the best piece of the skateboard for you, also the longboards, the electric skateboards or the scooter, etc … Hoping you can find what you need in my blog. 
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Chris Thiessen Interview

The rise of independent brands is bringing skating back to its roots as a subversive subculture. This transition…

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Skate Wiki
This Is Why Skating Is Awesome!


by Justin Bohl I often get asked how I came to be in the position of skate host and tour guide for people visiting Detroit. Regardless of how many times this question arises, I always struggle to answer. The role was never something I was seeking out or hoping to do. By chance, I ended…

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Dan Mancina at The Compound


by Will Jivcoff A couple weeks ago The Compound Skatepark and Ninetimes held a workshop for the visually impaired. This type of community work is genuine and we’re big fans of what’s going on here so hats off to everyone involved in this project. “On an extremely cold Friday in February, Dan Mancina brought his…

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In the Square with Alexis Sablone

by Will Jivcoff in Interview When it comes to DIY spots, the aspect I appreciate most is going from concept to physical product. As a consequence of planning, likely skipping the permit process, mixing concrete and building it, getting to skate and share your creation is something very personal. When I came across Alexis’ new…

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Bryggeriet is proud to present DORKZONE, a film by English illustrator Mike O’ Shea and Irish filmmaker Phil Evans. The film follows Amandus Mortensen as he watches Malmö transform into a trippy universe populated by animated cartoon characters who appear to be leading him to a special place. Along the way Amandus encounters his brother…

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