As the rider, I have a passion for speed, I want to learn Cycling, Longboards, BMX Bike, Rollerblades,... and for sure, Skateboarding. This is where I share my experience with the skateboarding, choosing the best piece of the skateboard for you, also the longboards, the electric skateboards or the scooter, etc ... Hoping you can find what you need in my blog. 
Thank you for spending your time on my blog and now:

Features You Won’t Want to Live Without

by Will JivcoffFor the entirety of Toronto's skate history, Bickford has been a destination for the locals and


by Will Jivcoff Patrik Wallner is the mind behind Visual Traveling – a video series dedicated to documenting


by Will JivcoffWords + Video by Brett NicholsÁllatkert documents my travels in Central and Eastern Europe, which occurred


Reviews And Buyer's Guide

Vans Chima Pro 2
by Will JivcoffVans’ All-New Chima Ferguson Pro Model Debuts This SpringFeaturing Lightweight UltraCush Lite 3D Impact Cushioning at its BestToo[...]
In Design with Paul Kwon + Andrew Reynolds
It’s not difficult to understand why skateboards have remained roughly the same over the past 30+ years. Seven plies of[...]
Vans’ 2018 Authentic™ Chino Franchise is Built to Last
​Two Fits with a Unique Combination of Stretch, Durability and Comfort for all-day Skateboarding Vans, the original action sports footwear[...]

Skate Wiki

This Is Why Skate Is Awesome

Chris Thiessen Interview
The rise of independent brands is bringing skating back to its roots as a subversive subculture. This transition has opened[...]
Just Cruise – Magenta Skateboards
From Magenta Skateboards'Filmed over the course of a summer in Bordeaux & Paris by Sprinkles magician Zach Chamberlain, who made[...]
Jeff Srnec for Love Skateboards
by Will JivcoffWe scratch our heads when we get 'throw away' footage like this but in the end, it's a[...]
Resilience in Trying Times with Ben Hermans
By Will Jivcoff in InterviewIf you’ve traveled to a country where skateboarding has had limited exposure, there’s an unmistakable look[...]

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