As the rider, I have a passion for speed, I want to learn Cycling, Longboards, BMX Bike, Rollerblades,… and for sure, Skateboarding. This is where I share my experience with the skateboarding, choosing the best piece of the skateboard for you, also the longboards, the electric skateboards or the scooter, etc … Hoping you can find what you need in my blog. 
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Chris Thiessen Interview

The rise of independent brands is bringing skating back to its roots as a subversive subculture. This transition…

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This Is Why Skating Is Awesome!

The Inner Workings of Tokyo 2020


Skateboarding is growing fast and heading in the direction of Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic games – the first time for skateboarding to be listed as an Olympic sport. Naturally, there are tons of questions and a bit of mystery surrounding this development.   We’ve gotten bits of info from interviews with team captains from Germany…

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Echoes from the Road – Ep.4


by Will Jivcoffin Antiz Skateboards concludes their epic road trip in episode 4 of Echoes from the Road. Featuring Gabriel Engelke, Samuel Partaix, Remy Taveira, Peter Molec, Yeelen Moens, Robin Bolian, Mickael Germond, Pepe Tirelli, Quentin Boillon, Samu Karvonen, Roland Hirsch, Thanos Panou, Victor Pellegrin, Teemu Pirinen, Michel Mahringer, Uryann Raudet and Julien Bachelier. Directed…

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by Will Jivcoff Good times, great tunes and a cast of some of our favourite skaters. In memory of Dillon Ojo. Etienne Gagne, Landon Avramovic, Dylan Fulford, Antosh Cimoszko, Jacob Lavelle, Greg Papove, Calen Knauff, Connor Neison, Kader Sylla, Leon Chapdelaine, Riley Boland, Dustin Henry and Ty Peterson. Film+Edit: Jake Kuzyk Lower from Jake Kuzyk on Vimeo. Follow us…

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In Design with Paul Kwon + Andrew Reynolds


It’s not difficult to understand why skateboards have remained roughly the same over the past 30+ years. Seven plies of maple and polyurethane just works. While they’ve come in various shapes, sizes and responded slightly different, they’ve stayed relatively unchanged through wild innovations like carbon ply inserts, wheels with air cores, rotating truck axles and…

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