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link to Lower


by Will Jivcoff Good times, great tunes and a cast of some of our favourite skaters. In memory of Dillon Ojo. Etienne Gagne, Landon Avramovic, Dylan Fulford, Antosh Cimoszko, Jacob Lavelle,...

link to The Wire Spot

The Wire Spot

by Will Jivcoff Nestled in the cuts of East Baltimore lies 'The Wire' spot, an area not exactly known for it's friendly atmosphere. With an abundance of options to hit this crusty spot, Jake...

link to DANE!


by Will Jivcoff Dane Barker already came through with one ripping part for Lotties Skateshop this year and he's back for round two in 'DANE!' Fuck it, we've posted both of them below so you don't...

link to Vans Chima Pro 2

Vans Chima Pro 2

by Will Jivcoff Vans’ All-New Chima Ferguson Pro Model Debuts This Spring Featuring Lightweight UltraCush Lite 3D Impact Cushioning at its Best Too strong for just any one type of skating,...